• Juicing for Healthy Skin From Within

    Juicing for Healthy Skin From Within Whether you want to kick start a new regime for general wellbeing, rid yourself of a negative habit, or you suffer from a skin disorder such as acne, eczema or psoriasis a juice detox retreat is one of the quickest and most effective ways to make these positive changes Continue reading »

  • Juicing for Better Health

    A review of a Platinum Healing Retreat by Jayne Freer – Journalist from the WMN After months of feeling sluggish and watching my waistline gain a life of its own, it was time to take action – and fast. Despite daily dog walks and the occasional run, late-night TV dinners washed down with a glass Continue reading »

  • Ditch the coffee and go ‘green’ for the alternative energy boost

    For a longer lasting, energy booster try Platinum Healing’s Green Juice and Smoothie. Instead of grabbing that double espresso first thing or reaching for a latte to keep you awake all afternoon, why not actively rehydrate your body instead with a nutrient-rich, energy-boosting green juice or smoothie? Juicing vegetables high in iron and B vitamins such Continue reading »

  • Give Your Juice a Winter Boost

    Give Your Juice a Winter Boost by Kate Tyler – Founder of Platinum Healing With temperatures plummeting and the gluttonous season upon us, winter can often leave us feeling tired and sluggish and our body vulnerable to attack. One way to help keep the winter bugs at bay is to ensure it’s in tip-top condition Continue reading »

  • Fibroid reduced by 50% following a Platinum Healing Retreat

    Name: Emma Tompkins Age: 36 Retreat: Self Healing Retreat in England Health Issues/Concerns: Fibroid, Insomnia, Stress, turned her life and health around post retreat.  Testimonial given immediately after retreat: I’m feeling great post detox and so far I’m still on a 60-70% raw food diet. I haven’t gone back onto caffeine and won’t do now Continue reading »

  • Guest Cured of Rare and Chronic Eye Disease

    A woman diagnosed with a painful and debilitating eye disease has described how a Platinum Healing retreat cured her. Jodie Moakes was diagnosed with Thygeson’s superficial punctate keratitis (TSPK) in 2008, a rare and chronic condition that causes an inflammation of the cornea. Symptoms including burning, light sensitivity and a feeling of foreign objects caught Continue reading »

  • Why a Juice Detox Retreat?

    Why a Juice Detox Retreat? Health experts have been telling us for years that we all need to up our daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. A UK-based report released last year said the government’s health target of at least five-a-day isn’t enough and we should all bolster our intake to seven, if not Continue reading »

  • 30 Steps to Detox The Mind

    1) Say and think positive things about yourself and others. 2) Avoid negative people (also check if you may be one of them)! 3) Associate with positive, happy and successful people. 4) Spring clean your house. Give away anything you don’t need. This creates a clear mind and space. 5) Look at releasing toxic emotions Continue reading »