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I was diagnosed as having Thygeson superficial punctate keratitis (TSPK) in 2008. TSPK is a chronic disease, lasting years to decades. Multiple, whitish gray, intraepithelial corneal lesions, with minimal to no conjunctival involvement, are trademark characteristics of the disease.

Symptoms include discomfort such as burning or irritation, foreign body sensation, mild degrees of tearing, and photophobia (light sensitivity). There are occasional minor decreases in visual acuity.

At its worst I wouldn’t go out, especially in the sun. This would cause problems with everyday life. I always wore sunglasses in any weather as would lessen the discomfort with light. Air conditioning would dry them out and they would be very sore. They would water and would start to close, sometimes I had to fight to keep them open it was, at times, extremely debilitating. I would have eye drops and use a humidifier at night. As its uncommon, it was hard for people to understand and take seriously especially at work.

I went to Platinum Healing retreat in September 2015 for a juice detox. It never crossed my mind that this would help let alone make it disappear! And that’s exactly what happened. We had juices made from organic fruit and veggies and learnt about nutrition and what should go into our bodies to support our whole system. On day 3 we went out for a foraging walk and I suddenly realised that I wasn’t aware of any sensation, in fact I wasn’t aware of feeling my eyes at all when I always had been. I took my sunglasses off and had no reaction to the light. I cannot express my elation when I realised what had happened. I was so relieved and felt so incredibly happy. By coincidence I had a hospital appointment at the eye clinic the next day, the last day of the retreat. When I went, the Doctor looked at my eyes through a lamp and confirmed that there wasn’t any sign of any lesions (previous trip in June I had 7/8 lesions in each eye) the doctor discharged me! This has made a huge difference to my everyday life and I couldn’t be more grateful to Platinum healing. My eyes look better and I’ve received comments on how open and bright they look. I cannot recommend this retreat enough and all the information they give you regarding health and nutrition. I love them and am forever grateful.

Jodie Moakes: Self Healing Retreat – Thygeson superficial punctate keratitis (TSPK)


I’m a mum of 2 as well as running my own business and attended the Platinum Retreat last week for some well over due me time.  It’s one of the best things I’ve done for years and I didn’t feel guilty for doing it!
It’s given me the tools to look after myself, learn how to control my stress levels and just be.  From start to finish it was professional, but very comfortable and all the small touches like a card when leaving, right down to the way the juices were presented were lovely.  Thank you to all of your team who helped make this a life changing experience.

Emma Rigby: Founder/Director Love Your DoorStep ltd, Detox Retreat