Juice Detox Retreats with Yoga

Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat UK

Why Choose Platinum Healing Retreats?

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100% Organic Fresh Juices

100% Vegan

100% Gluten, Dairy and Wheat Free

Organic Cruely Free Botanical Products

Locally Sourced Produce

Onsite Nutritional Therapists and Naturopaths

Daily Classes To Choose From (All Levels)

Meditation, Pranayama & Fitness

Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Flow, Restorative Yoga and more

50+ Holistic Therapies and Treatments

Superfoods and Supplements

Library of Educational Talks

Emotional Support

Accommodation in Rural Locations

Pre and Post Cleanse Guidelines

Detox Manual and Alkaline Recipe Book

NLP and Life Coaching Workshop Post Retreat

Vision Training and Goal Setting

Detox Brush, Tongue Cleaner

Use of Rebounder

Indoor Heated Pool

Steam Room

Outdoor Heated Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Whirlpool, Tennis Courts, Golf Course (Kent only)

How to Choose The Right Retreat for You

Step 1

 Decide on your Retreat Location and Retreat Date

Step 2

Pick your Retreat Option

Option 1

Juice Detox

80% Vegetable and 20% Fruit Juices (recommended)

Option 2

Green Juice Cleanse

100% Green Vegetable Juices (for experienced detoxers following an alkaline diet)

Option 3

Self Catering Wellness Break (cottage with a kitchen will be provided)

Step 3

Decide whether you would like to tailor your own treatment package

We offer over 50 Mind and Body Treatments


Choose a Retreat Program below that includes Treatments.

All Platinum Healing Juice Detox Retreats run simultaneously together at the same time.

Retreat Programs

Weight Loss and Fitness

Stop Smoking



Inner Child Healing

Men’s Health


Bridal Detox

Self Healing

For a holistic approach to;

Respiratory Health

(asthma, chronic hayfever wheezers, atopic-types who suffer from recurrent bronchitis, COPD, recovering from pneumonia)

Thyroid Health


Immune Health

(frequent illness, coughs, colds, viruses, can’t seem to recover from an acute illness, chronic hayfever sufferers, post-glandular fever)

Joint Health

(fibromyalgia and arthritis)

Pain Management

Adrenal Fatigue

Allergies and Intolerances

Digestive Health

(IBS, constipation)

Hormonal Imbalance

(PMS, Poly-cystic Ovaries, fibroids, breast swelling and tenderness)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME

Skin Health

(eczema, psoriasis, acne)

Blood Sugar Imbalances

(Type 2 Diabetes (non-insulin dependent), hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia)

Blood Pressure

(hypertension or hypo tension)


(recurring yeast infections, yeast overgrowth, thrush)

Other physical, physiological or emotional challenges



Step 4




PLEASE NOTE: ALL Retreat Programs run together on the same dates simultaneously and ALL incorporate one of our signature Juice Detox programs.

The only difference in the Retreat Programs are the individual treatments bolted on.

Our retreats cater for those who simply wish to detox and relax, through to those with weight management goals, self-healing of ailments or to even quit smoking.

ALL retreats caters for men and women and there is usually a nice mix of age and gender.

Please contact us for availability or check our Retreat Diary.

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