Inner Child Work

Inner Child Work

Inner Child Work

Inner Child Work will help you to connect with various aspects of yourself on a deep and very profound level, healing the child that dwells within you. You will gain a greater understanding of yourself and your needs and reconnect with a very special part of your being. When we reconnect with situations from the past and with our inner child, we begin a powerful process of healing. When we become whole, we become light and joyful, expressing our full potential.

Even though we are adults now and childhood is long left behind, there are often old traumas and sufferings that are carried into adult life. These past negative experiences can have us ‘acting out’ patterns and hurts in the present moment, which can damage our relationships and our health. Often we are in conflict with our self and this may begin in early childhood. This is where inner child work can help.

The Inner child is a real and delicate entity that holds very deep and superficial wounds. The feelings can be quite incapacitating to the mature adult who carries them around. As adults, we can look at ourselves and see a grown up but many people are actually walking around with a wounded child inside.

Our intuitive intelligence, joy, natural self-expression and an overall sense of well-being dwells in the inner child. If this inner child has been forgotten, traumatized, hurt, ignored or suppressed then we carry this around throughout our lives in an ‘acting out’ capacity.

The child in us desires to be loved, cared for and nurtured. Sometimes, these needs are not met, and therefore the inner child remains unfulfilled, unable to integrate itself into its adult self… pining for healing and wholeness.

Here are some conditions that can be instantly treated with Inner Child Healing:

* Bulimia and Anorexia
* Trauma
* Depression
* Anger Issues
* Addiction
* Troubled Relationships
* Chronic Dissatisfaction
* Self Harming
* Childhood Psychological Abuse
* Childhood Physical Abuse

If you often feel that:

* Things are overwhelming
* That you are not loved or lovable
* You are not good enough
* You struggle with relationships

An Inner Child Healing Session would be very beneficial to you.

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