Smoking Cessation

Maybe you have been a smoker for many years? Perhaps you have tried several times before to quit but without success? If so, you may think that nothing can work? But hypnotherapy tackles your problem by recognising that smoking is both physical as well as psychological.

It may surprise you to know that the physical aspect can be overcome very quickly and plays by far the minor role in an addiction. The psychological aspect is what can make breaking the habit very difficult. However, in hypnotherapy our highly experienced therapist puts the client into a state of deep relaxation, or hypnosis, whereby the clients subconscious integrates the suggestions presented by the hypnotherapist very easily and naturally. This process on average will take approximately an hour and a half, at the end of which the client leaves with the conviction that they are a non smoker. A follow up session is required to ensure that all triggers are eliminated for good.

The biggest problem for most smokers is actually ‘taking the plunge’. Many smokers want to stop but when it comes to it they often find themselves coming up with an excuse and put it off! This can go on for many years.

Hypnotherapy is highly successful in turning smokers into non smokers within a matter of hours. The great thing about using hypnosis is that we also tackle thoughts about smoking, common triggers as well as eliminating cravings, so you don’t even think about smoking when you leave!


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