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Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Platinum Healing


Daisy is one of Platinum Healing’s Retreat Managers, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Health Practitioner specialising in Juice Detoxification and Self Healing.

Her intention is to inspire long-lasting transformation through enjoyment of healthy living with an emphasis on encouraging a realistic balance between health and quality of life.

At Platinum Healing, Daisy will be supporting clients on our signature detox programs, conducting educational talks and offering nutritional advice to guests, as well as providing in depth Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Consultations and Yoga classes.

In addition to dietary and nutritional advice, she takes into consideration your lifestyle, personal circumstances and biotype, and will recommend a nutritional supplement programme and functional laboratory testing if appropriate.

Daisy believes that a diet, lacking in the right nutrients can be the underlying cause of several conditions that, all too often, we accept as part of our normal lives. With a little more understanding and careful guidance, it is possible to make simple modifications to your diet which can have a profound effect on your health and wellbeing. Daisy can help you achieve this.

Naturopathic Nutrition encourages the use of whole and organic foods as medicine. It also addresses the root cause of illness and not just the superficial symptoms. It accepts that, given the right conditions, the body has the capacity to heal itself. It adopts a holistic approach to each individual and focuses on the “whole person”.

What to expect in a Nutritional Therapy Consultation with Daisy

The initial one to one consultation that can be booked during your retreat lasts around 90 minutes and will focus on your main health concerns. We will look at your diet together and see how it may be contributing to your symptoms. A full-personalised action plan and dietary programme will be emailed out to you within a week and will include a range of: handouts, fact sheets and recipe ideas designed to help you implement the initial programme. It may also be necessary to recommend certain laboratory tests or supplements to be used as part of your programme and full instructions of how to order these will be given. (Please note that this is never intended to substitute the advice of your doctor).

To book an appointment during your retreat with Daisy please contact us.

Daisy has qualifications and experience in;

Naturopathy/Nutritional Therapy
Hatha Yoga
Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Reiki Master
Swedish Massage
Aura-Soma Colour Therapy
Live and Dry Blood Analysis

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