Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher and Retreat Manager

Penny (2)


Platinum Healing’s delightful and highly experienced Retreat Manager, Meditation and Yoga Teacher and Fitness Instructor (among her many other talents including surfing)!

Penny, first became attracted to Yoga due to its health benefits and its ability to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

With a busy life as a musician and performer, it became necessary for her to find ways to stay grounded, maintain her health and focus her energies. Since immersing herself in Yoga she has realised the potential it brings for channelling positivity into my everyday life.

Penny began her Yogic journey in Thailand where she fell in love with this spiritual practice. Here she also learnt Reiki and Chakra Balancing, which furthered her fascination and understanding of the body’s energy system and it’s relation to the world around it.

It was in India where she was honoured to be taught by such renowned teachers (Chris Nelson, Linda Dental and Yamuna Devi), who inspired and guided her.

a518b2e5b3c3c1d841c3f44d511d10feIn her classes she always adapts to the individual needs and abilities of her students. Penny likes to create a supportive, lighthearted atmosphere, emphasising the connection between breath and movement. Her classes vary from gentle traditional Hatha to a more dynamic Vinyassa flow practice.

For her, it is important that we do not worry about how flexible we are in our postures or the ability to touch our toes because the person next to you can. It is more about self-awareness in furthering your individual practice, without judgment and using your intuition to listen to your own body’s needs.

The essence of what she teaches is cultivating peace and presence of mind to find balance in everyday life.

Penny holds qualifications and experience in:

44836e75e5ac7d8e45afa097541fdb9bHatha Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
One to One Yoga Tuition
Fitness Yoga
Partner Yoga
Yoga for Surfers
Life Guarding
Level 2 Swimming Teacher
Level 3 Personal Fitness Trainer
Chakra Balancing
Currently studying Nutrition