Transformation Programs

Tranformation ProgramsTransformation Programs – Mind Coaching 

The below Transformation Programs are run over three days on retreat (3x 60 minute sessions) with one of our specialist coaches.

Please specify which program you would like to choose below when booking this particular package.

Habit Transformation

Identify and work to overcome those unhealthy habits that are unique to you. Addressing even those seemingly insignificant habits that are not helpful to our health and wellness goals takes awareness and vigilance but gives us significant gains.  These 3 sessions will help you to identify your unhelpful habits, and to dissect their triggers and outcomes.  You will then be guided through finding your motivation to change, and on coming up with the replacement behaviour that will work for you.

From Overeating to Mindful Eating

3 sessions will help you to uncover your triggers for mindless eating, sabotaging eating or eating for comfort.  You will develop awareness of the beliefs driving the behaviour, and of the physical and emotional impact of the over-eating.  You will work creatively with your Coach to identify your motivations to change, and harness that knowledge to come up with workable strategies.

Boost your Self-esteem and Personal Power

Discover the impact of believing the damaging things we say to ourselves, and of recognising only negative things about ourselves whilst dismissing the positive.  Work with your Coach over 3 sessions to boost your view of yourself and to identify why this is important.  You will develop strategies that will allow you to question your beliefs about yourself, and to increase feelings of inner-confidence and personal power.

The Mind Detox

Address negative thinking, anxiety and rumination via a 3 session package tailored to you.  We can all get stuck in a negative rut, and it takes awareness and strategies to free us from these barriers to happiness and wellbeing.  The sessions will raise your understanding of the damaging impact of habitual thinking, including common cognitive distortions, and enable you to find a path to positivity that is unique to you.

Moving on from Trauma

Emotional trauma of any type can throw us off balance and leave us reeling with emotional and sometimes physical pain.  Feelings of all types are very useful to our learning, and in order to stay healthy feelings need acknowledgement not repression. These sessions are not therapy to counsel you through the details of the trauma, rather they focus on emotional intelligence and healthy coping mechanisms to aid recovery.

 Finding Me

Working out what our values and beliefs are in life, is key to personal development.  To know what really drives us will help us with all future decisions and will guide us to the right change for us during times of stress.  These 3 sessions will equip you with the utmost in self-awareness, and provide a go-to list of prioritised values to help you to understand what is most important to you in life.

Career Bootcamp

Uncover what you really want to do in your career and what drives you.  Similar to our personal values, we all have career related values, and your Coach has developed an innovative approach to helping her clients to uncover them.  The 3 sessions will provide you with a definitive list of what is most important to you when it comes to your work, then a plan of action on how to move forward.

Maintaining Momentum for Lasting Change You’ve worked out your goal, but how do you keep up the motivation to put the work in?  Big change comes from a number of small steps, each requiring an application of tenacity and momentum.  We can commonly falter when taking those initial steps, or give up before the new behaviour becomes part of our routine.  Your Coach will focus 3 sessions on helping you to check the reality of your ideal, find your true motivation that will be your aid to change, and work on strategies to counter the barriers to success.

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