NLP/NAC – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Every individual has their own unique experience of the world and their own unique strategies for coping with it. Most people cope well with the day to day experiences and challenges they face, yet sometimes find themselves repeating ‘negative behaviours’ or ‘limiting themselves’ with certain beliefs and old habits. Perhaps you feel competent in certain areas of your life but don’t know how to move from being just ‘OK’ at something to being an expert?

Areas of change can include your health, personal and business relationships, communication skills, finances, emotions and anything you are experiencing difficulty with using NLP/NAC.

During the NLP/NAC session we will explore how you think and feel, and examine the “inner” language that you use to represent your experiences. NLP gives you more conscious choice over what you do and the way you act, increasing your ability to reach your goals and objectives.

An NLP/NAC session will provide you with some very powerful tools for personal change with the guidance of a highly trained therapist. Together we will identify the patterns of behaviour and thoughts that limit you and then guide you through techniques that will change those patterns. NLP/NAC will help you to fulfil your true potential and live the happy and fulfilled life that you deserve.

You can often experience the benefits and change within just a few minutes!

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