Reiki Healing

072a977d9e3fdab72d66f79fa9ae11d2Reiki is a healing technique that uses the body of the practitioner, in particular the hands, for the universal life energy to flow through. Reiki, or ‘Prana’, as it is called in India, or ‘Chi’ as in Chinese healing arts, finds its way to those parts of the body that suffer from a lack of vital energy. This lack of energy, if ignored, oftentimes results in low functioning of the vital organs, illness and disease.

During a Reiki session, you will feel replenished with the universal vital force that sustains life. You will feel a glowing radiance flow throw and around you and if any part of your body is in need of healing, the energy will automatically go to where it is needed. In cases of illness, repeated Reiki sessions are recommended in order to channel enough energy into your body to activate and sustain the healing process.

Furthermore, Reiki is for stress reduction and slows down disturbing mental activity, opening doors and enabling greater flows of creativity. Reiki will leave you feeling relaxed, nurtured, charged, energized and deeply rested.

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