Careers with Platinum Healing

Fitness Training


We welcome applications from individuals with or without previous retreat experience.

Retreats run on an ad-hoc basis usually 1 retreat per month and ARE NOT full time.  The opportunities are for self-employed contractors who already have a client base of their own and wish to supplement.

We are also always looking for individuals with qualification and/or experience in the following:

Retreat Management
Marketing and Social Media
Office Skills and Web Maintenance
Yoga and Meditation
Tai Chi
Holistic Therapies
Personal Training
Life Coaching
Alternative Therapies
Alternative Medicine

Body Massage

Currently, we run retreats in Sussex.  Ideal consultants would be local to the retreats as we DO NOT offer accommodation.

For self-employment opportunities please send a copy of your CV, Bio and Photograph to:

Read what some of our team members say about working with us;

“Platinum Healing is a very special place to work. I’ve traveled to multiple different countries learning chi kung from many different masters and I can tell you I experience a very similar energy at Platinum. I’m very grateful to be working there”.  Steve – Fitness Trainer and Posture Expert 
“I am very happy to be part of such a dedicated team, they are a great bunch”. Cara – Transformation Coach.
“The team is great and the work which is done is amazing. Everyone has their own special thing to bring to Platinum and I’m also glad that the Founder is still directing us even whilst being based in Los Angeles”. Victoria  – Holistic Therapist