Retreat Locations

Platinum Healing currently runs retreats in Sussex and at Belvoir Castle Leicestershire.


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I left the retreat feeling refreshed, energised and calm.
A week later and I have stuck with mostly juices, smoothies and soup, with one ‘proper’ meal a day and I’ve stayed wheat, dairy and sugar-free and fully intend to do so for as long as my system feels it necessary. I feel great! I have lost 6lbs, I have regained a lot of the energy I lost post-operatively (abdominal hysterectomy in December), and I haven’t got bloating anymore. I have also had the energy I need to do treatments, do my vinyasa yoga classes and PT sessions, and get up early in the mornings fully alert and raring to go! My intention with the retreat was to reboot my system after all other things I’ve tried have failed. I have already recommended your retreats to several people and I would love to come back and bring my husband at some point next year. I think that the way the retreat is structured is superb – I didn’t feel hungry once, I didn’t think about food and I appear to have been completely cured of my sweet cravings at long last (even a candida diet for a year didn’t do that!). I am so grateful to all of the team for their support and passion, and to my myself for allowing myself the gift of time! Helen Rebello – Juice Detox Retreat


I just wanted to send a note to say thank you and your team for a wonderful week. I wanted to say I feel great so THANK YOU. As you know I’ve suffered with swollen feet for the last few years and the last 4 months my ankle would swell so bad I could hardly walk at night. Flying was a nightmare as my feet ballooned up. Today I flew home & my feet did not change shape it was wonderful so again thank you all. I’ll keep you posted on the results of my appointment with the consultant but so far I feel fantastic so thank you all. Marie Cole – Juice Detox Retreat