Matrix Re-imprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting

‘The Matrix’ is another name for what physicists call ‘The Quantum Field’, which was discovered in 1944 by Max Planck, the father of quantum theory. This field of energy connects everything, and is the mirror and container of all our beliefs.

Our subconscious mind effects our daily habits, behaviours and activities 95% of the time, and often these beliefs (learnt from others in the first 6 years of our lives) can be limiting and negatively effect us, leading to dysfunction in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual way.

Matrix Re-imprinting is a powerful technique, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to resolve traumas from our past. New science proves that it is our core beliefs that drive the chemical changes in our body, control our thought patterns and essentially produce our reactions to the external world. If we can change the way we think, then we can change just about anything.

Who would benefit from Matrix Re-imprinting?

  • have traumas (big or small) that you wish to heal
  • have fear or phobias
  • have allergies
  • have anger issues
  • have physical health issues
  • have a limiting belief about yourself/others/the world
  • keep attracting negative influences/people into your life
  • are going through grief/loss
  • have unwanted habits or behaviours
  • have unresolved issues with yourself/others
  • lack purpose in life
  • ever feel depressed of anxious
  • feel disconnected
  • feel you have certain blocks in your life
  • have low energy
  • have a certain feeling that won’t go away

Matrix Birth Re-Imprinting

Babies are conscious beings, and even in the womb, have memory and can perceive their environment. Babies have no idea of ‘self’, so what their mother might feel, they could feel that too. Matrix Reimprinting helps heal birth traumas (ones own birth) and healing births that you may have had yourself. Quite often the problems we have in life can be linked to our births, so if we heal that birth, then we can heal many aspects of ourselves.

Who would benefit from Matrix Birth Reimprinting?

  • Anyone who’s been born!
  • Anyone who has given birth and it’s been traumatic, or not the birth you had hoped for (this applies to fathers/partners too, who have witnessed traumatic births)
  • Anyone who is fearful of giving birth (pregnant or not)
  • Anyone who has had an abortion, lost a child or has fertility issues
  • Anyone who is adopted

Matrix Life Purpose Reimprinting

This is a more spiritual therapy which would allow someone to connect with their higher self and life purpose. Sometimes in life, we can get a little lost, or stuck, or blocked and this therapy can relief those blockages and produce a more connected feeling with self and the universe.

Who would benefit from Matrix Life Purpose?

  • Anyone who feels stuck, blocked or lost
  • Anyone who wishes to know they are on the right path
  • Anyone who wishes to know their life purpose
  • Anyone who wants to feel more connected
  • Anyone who thinks past lives are influencing them negatively
  • Anyone who thinks there are ancestral negative influences

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