Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy 

Your mind holds the solution to all of your medical, psychological and emotional problems, particularly where the origins may involve thoughts, feelings, stress and trauma from the past. Treating the root cause of a problem is far more effective and long-term than just treating the symptoms.

Regression therapy is a therapeutic process that uses one’s earlier life experiences as source material to resolve current problems. The process of regression therapy is based on the premise that ‘everything you have ever experienced is recorded and retained in the mind’.

The mind records information similar to a tape recording. A tape recorder records a sequence of events in the exact manner that they are received through the microphone. When a tape is replayed it plays back exactly what was recorded. The mind also records a sequence of events that we call experiences. When we recall a previous experience the mind can play back the experience exactly as it was recorded, including the emotions. If something is recorded on the tape that is not wanted or is in some way offensive, it cannot be altered by adding a change at the end of the recording. The unwanted material has to be taped over.

The mind works the same way. If something has been recorded in the mind that is offensive to the physical systems it cannot be changed by trying to add a different attitude or emotion to the end of the conscious experience. The change has to be made at the point it was originally recorded and stored in the sub-conscious mind, which is why regression Therapy is such a powerful tool.

Who would benefit from Regression Therapy?

* Few or No Memories of Childhood
* Fears and Phobias
* Physical Ailments and Maladies
* Behaviour Problem
* Eating Disorders
* Weight Related Issues
* Relationship Problems
* Unresolved Issues from the Past

One of the key benefits of Regression Therapy is that by gaining an understanding of the roots in the past and healing at a subconscious level the client can reach a state of acceptance and closure. This alone can be a very important benefit in removing the source of stress and anxiety.

Regression Therapy can also help to overcome anger, fears, guilt and phobias – for example; a phobia of heights may be connected to a past experience of falling from a perceived great height, this could actually have only been a matter of inches to a small child!

Safely guided by your experienced Hypnotherapist, to access and ‘re-experience’ is all that is usually needed to bring about instant healing and a change in behaviour or outcome. As emotional issues are revealed and addressed the client may also experience an easing of related physical and psychological symptoms such as back aches, IBS, insomnia and skin disorders which are often related to psychological factors.

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