Couples Coaching

Couples Counselling

Couples Coaching

Relationships can be hard and complex, especially when dealing with stresses, strains and the ups and downs we face in everyday life.

Couples Coaching is a talking therapy for couples that would like some support in their relationship, a deeper understanding of the root cause of specific issues and help gain a deeper understanding of their relationship.

Beginning any form of coaching is daunting, Platinum Healing’s Couples Coaching is there to offer a supportive hand in a relaxing and caring environment to help you find your way through difficulties you might be facing as a couple.

Couples Coaching sessions are recommended for couples who:

• Feel unhappy or stuck in a relationship
• No longer feel desired, loved, respected or wanted
• Have become distant or are drifting apart
• Are considering ending the relationship and want to establish if it is worth saving
• Have no work/life balance and spend little quality time together
• Either partner has suffered a loss, trauma or are unable to focus on the relationship
• Are constantly arguing and cannot move forward
• Have unresolved issues, anger, pain or resentment in the relationship
• Don’t feel heard
• Experiencing sexual difficulties

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