Weight Management

Weight Management

Weight Management using Hypnosis and Coaching

So you have probably lost count of the amount of diets you have been on and how much you have spent on expensive exercise programs. Some of these attempts may have been somewhat misguided like when you’re trying to adopt a ‘fad diet’ that leaves you craving foods essential to your health such as carbs. Other times might have been genuine attempts at eating healthily and exercising more. If you’re reading this, I can only assume that you have failed at least most of those times. Why is this? Are you lacking will power? NO!

When we consciously decide to do something, while subconsciously wishing for the opposite, our conscious and subconscious minds engage in a tug-of-war and the subconscious mind will always win!

If you treat food as a source of comfort your subconscious will demand the ‘fix’ food brings as soon as you feel emotionally hurt or tired. Your subconscious is very much like a two year old child prone to throwing tantrums whenever it doesn’t get what it wants. What hypnosis does is allow you to access your subconscious directly and switch the ‘negative patterns’ for ‘positive patterns’ effortlessly and naturally.

Using weight management hypnosis will help you see the real issues behind your dissatisfaction with your body and help you redirect your energy towards goals that will have a positive impact.

If you need to change your attitude toward food, weight management hyposis will allow you to change destructive patterns of behaviour at the deepest level, replacing them with a rational drive towards a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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