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Review Platinum Healing Emma Manners The Duchess of Rutland


I have experienced these incredible retreats and sessions with Kate first hand - Wonderful and very resetting.

Emma Manners
The Duchess of Rutland

Kate, I can't thank you enough for such an incredible experence. Everything we needed and much more. Your session was the highlight, forever grateful for your care, understanding and guidance. You have magic!

Zoe Ball
Radio and TV Personality

I cant believe how valuable I found it, I honestly don’t think I have gained that much from a session EVER, so Im incredibly thankful to you. What was amazing to me was really getting to understand and reflect on my past experiences in life and how these impact my present. Being able to gain this perspective and context through reflection, as well as using the easily digestible process and tools used during the workshop has enabled me to really make sense of the journey that I need to take to nurture myself, whilst addressing my inner child and helping myself heal and move forward into a more powerful, meaningful and centred life. Again thank you so much for your help, I’ll definitely be in touch over the coming weeks for a follow-up session.

Gemma Cave
Inner Child Workshop

‘Powerful! I recently took part in one of Kates workshops, focussing on the inner child. I was a bit apprehensive about doing a workshop at first, wondering if I should just go straight for a 1-1. However, I was SO glad I did. It felt and was a safe and non judgemental environment, and resulted in opening and closing a few wounds I’ve been lugging around! The exercises we were given to complete during our ‘break’ were so helpful and the hypnotherapy at the end, just incredible. I always thought I couldn’t ‘go under’! A really great package. Kate is truly gifted, totally dedicated and the brightest beacon of light, we need more Kate’s in the world! Thank you

Inner Child Workshop

I came here wanting a bit of detox to understand more about fasting and picking up information on nutrition to support fertility. I left with so much more. I feel so calm so positive, energetic and motivated and a feeling of serenity. It was great to have time with the other ladies, share experiences and learn from them. It was a lovely supportive atmosphere and I met some very interesting people. This is an incredibly special place.

Fertility Detox Retreat

I have had a wonderful week I am leaving glowing, inspired, and focused. I feel I am equipped to go forwards with new renewed ideas and I am intent on using all of them. I very much hope to come back but for now I offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Sarah Caffyn
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

I am determined to be nicotine free, meanwhile, I re- acquainted personal equilibrium and learned a great deal. A lovely experience in a peaceful setting. Certainly, an opportunity to regain both physical and spiritual balance. The staff are wonderful.

Bob Waterhouse
Stop Smoking Retreat

I have never done anything like this before and did not know what to expect I was a junk food addict. I found the retreat a great experience and achieved great results and learned new experiences. I suffered little side effects on the detox and after a day or two realised all the positive effects of juicing. Yoga and meditation were great and added to the total relaxation experience. I felt full of energy and swam every day. All the staff were supportive and great at their roles thank you Platinum Healing.

Samantha Porter
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

This retreat has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The mind treatments were everything I hoped for but what I had not expected was the most nurturing and uplifting quality of the whole retreat. Each person made an incredibly positive combination to the entire experience and made me feel so cared for. Our group of ladies were warm, positive, encouraging, and supportive. The location is idyllic and can help you clear your mind and appreciate nature. The educational films were transformative. I think this is an incredibly special retreat and I will take away so much, not just eating healthily, but all ways of caring for my mind and bod; also, the kindness and thoughtfulness and uplifting from everyone at the retreat. I will be sad to leave but will take away so much to use in the future to help me learn more and to grow spiritually. Thank you to everyone who has made this a special time I will never forget. Love and Light

Emma Cross
Inner Child Healing Retreat

I would absolutely recommend Platinum Healing to everyone. It gives you the opportunity to learn about your nutrition, body, and your mind and helps you to have that bit of time out from your busy life and relax. You have plenty of people, therapist, and the detox staff to answer any of your questions and I have learnt so much on this retreat and can go home with the knowledge that I have everything I need now to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. The other lovely aspect is that you get to meet likeminded people, who understand because they are there for the same reason and you can share the journey together. Looking forward to coming back.

Sherene Augene
Self Healing Retreat

What an exceptional retreat. I feel better, healthier, lighter, and most importantly I've had the opportunity to reflect on myself. The mind therapy, NLP, meditation, yoga, etc meant that this is so much more than a detox retreat. Its been a life pause and an opportunity to rethink and question. That is so unique its made an enormous difference and I'm leaving much more excited and energised for the future. Thank you!

Self Healing Retreat

I had no idea what to expect and was extremely impressed by the team and how we were looked after. The education was informative and well delivered. The juicing was great. I will definitely go away inspired to make better food, drinks and lifestyle choices.

Cathy Dunbabin
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

I came here because I have a diagnosis of terminal cancer. The drugs from the hospital were not working and the disease was active. I was told my next option was a further course of intravenous chemotherapy. I wanted to take some time out to breath and enjoy my life. I wanted to get rid of the toxic build up from 10 years of cytotoxic drugs before I did anything, I also wanted more information on nutrition as medicine. Being welcomed into the retreat and having nothing but beautiful fresh juices and good supplements for a few days, flooding my body with love and positivity, taking time to myself, walking, swimming, and good deep sleep was tonic for my soul as well as my body. I cannot describe how grateful I am for this experience I feel like in invested in myself. I am learning self-love, rather than self-destruction. I cannot recommend Platinum Healing enough. Invest in yourself. I cannot wait to see what I now feel I’m capable of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart overall experience was mind blowing.

Vicky Colliver
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

The whole experience is life changing. I booked to stop smoking and I have, I am proud to say I am now a non-smoker. Whilst the primary reason I came was to stop smoking I was surprised and taken aback at how much I enjoyed the detox. My skin is better my bloated stomach has gone down and I feel like I have lots more energy. The talks and videos are very thought provoking indeed! It really makes me analyse my old lifestyle of drinking, smoking, eating badly and want to move forward with a healthier routine which include juicing and exercise. Would recommend and would come again.

Tracey Welch
Stop Smoking Retreat

This is my first time at Platinum Healing I’m not new to health retreats they usually focus on weight loss, whereas here it is all about health look after that and everything else will follow, which is seriously simple and effective, a better environment because everyone is the same no matter what shape or size. We all need a kickstart and mental support to keep up good habits and swerve bad. I have got such a focus now on simply making the right choices with food, with my day to day dealings with stressful things. Generally, I feel more spiritual I have loved what has happened in these few days, Life Changing I am so Grateful.

Alan Goddard
Men's Health Retreat

My experience was way beyond my expectations, I have been given an incredible toolbox filled with inspiring ideas that I know will change my life. Absolutely everything ran smoothly and like clockwork nothing was overlooked. The team where so in tune with everyone’s needs and worked harmoniously and clearly have a passion for the course and everyone on it. The reason I chose Platinum Healing retreat is because since quitting alcohol In November I replaced it with another addiction sugar so this course was a real kickstart to get over that addiction and get me on track for a healthy future. I hadn’t expected a full on mind, body and spirit experience but it was certainly That; with yoga to begin stretching my body gently back to life, and therapist to look at blocked energy I have been able to release a lot of pain. Thanks to an amazing team led by a fantastic manager I would recommend this retreat to anyone seeking healing in a complete nurturing environment. Congratulations and a million Thanks.

Gilly Cutts
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

I came with my sister to your retreat 2 years ago.
It was a difficult time for me as I had severe anxiety which was escalating. I saw both Victoria and Laura with much scepticism. I’m pleased to say I did and as a result I am now a qualified NLP practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach now helping others. I wish you all well as I know first-hand how Life transforming your retreat can be.

Mandy Fuller
Self Healing Retreat

I lost 2kg and am so happy and raving about it to everyone, and now juicing every morning, thank you so very much! I will be back, next time with my partner Peter

Joanna Brown
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

This experience has been so much more than I expected. I have loved everything about it the yoga, the treatments, the educational talks, the kitchen staff. I imagined it to be more commercial, however it’s been a really intimate experience, and the people running the retreat are so caring, and have put a lot of details in to making the detox retreat what it is. Kate the Founder is an amazing woman, wow full of knowledge and she is really caring and very present.

Danni Sheriff
Self Healing Retreat

Very productive retreat. I really needed a reset for my body, mind and spirit and it gave me just that. Brought me back to the baseline for spring and a fresh start.

Sarah Clifford
Self Healing Retreat

Despite extremely stressful factors in the outside world, Kate and the team provide a real escape from the stresses of daily life. While the juice detox seems daunting – it is surprisingly delicious, and I found it relatively easy. What I am leaving with however is a renewed sense of self and skills that will help me lead a more mindful life. The perfect medicine.

Mike Heilbron
Men's Health Retreat

I joined the retreat unsure of what to expect. However, it has been the best thing I have done. Depression has been a part of most of my life, but I have not got the right support. Platinum Healing has educated me to be able to improve this. I have learnt new skills to manage, I have changed my mindset about food. The therapy offered and provided is unbeatable. I cannot explain how effective this has been for me. I have a long way to go but I finally feel like I have a starting point. I will be returning in the future.

Kate Nicholson
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

I came to Platinum not knowing what to expect as it was my very first time for anything like this. I was eating and drinking myself into maybe an early grave if not certainly an unhealthy future. I needed my mind set as I am aware now what I put into my body is exactly what I will be. I do feel I have a long way to go before I am happy with what I see in the mirror, but I now think the process will be a lot more pleasant and easier as I can now be mindful of myself and using all the techniques from this week combined, I can make a difference to my future, whilst also passing this onto my children, family and friends. I just want to say thank you the retreat manager and all her amazing team for making this week not a challenge but a life changing experience. I look forward to hopefully seeing you some time in the future. You’re all amazing thank you all very much for your support and guidance.

Sarah Greenway
Self Healing Retreat

I had a brilliant time at the retreat. Everything was so well organised, and all therapists and other members of the team were excellent. The information was delivered clearly. The retreat manager was brilliant, full of information and was interesting to listen to. The surroundings are beautiful and lovely for walking

Lesley Hayhurst
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

Really well ran from booking process to check out, learnt so much and really inspired now to live a life full of health. Thank you!

Anita Willetts
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

This has been by far one of the most positive things I have ever tried. I have never tried a detox before but after my experience here I will definitely do one each year. I started the retreat at the opening sharing circle feeling positive and the feeling never left me. My time here was made to feel most special by the welcoming and warm nature of all the staff and therapists. It has been very peaceful and I feel wonderful – Thank you!

L Brown
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

Fantastic retreat! Thank you for what was a simply life changing retreat. Kate has created a beautiful space in which to personalise your own retreat. The team are just fantastic. Great yoga and meditation, great juices, great nutritional advice, great holistic treatments. I went to (physically) detox. I did so and so much more. This is my second visit to Platinum Healing, and I was not disappointed. Despite being at a new venue everything was as hoped. (although I should have booked time with Kate). It is invaluable to combine the mind with body; they are after all inseparable. My life journey is far from over and I still have work to do both for myself, and through my experiences. I will remain eternally grateful to Kate for helping me 5 years ago also! Thank You!

Tussie Myerson
Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

After many years struggling with a heavy smoking habit, Platinum Healing have given me the tools I need to be a non-smoker. I came away feeling energised and optimistic and not wanting a cigarette. For me, the detox was a fast, painless and effective way of minimising the physical cravings for nicotine. The other therapies on offer, such as hypnotherapy have given me strategies to replace a harmful habit with positive ones. The retreat took place in a beautiful, tranquil space and the Platinum Healing team couldn’t have been nicer.

Susan Crew
Stop Smoking Retreat

Platinum healing is everything you want it to be and more. I stayed in the cool, serene, glamorous tree house. Often peacocks perched on the railings outside which was magical. The views of alpaca fields and sometimes deer and foxes were wonderful. I found the detox easier than I thought. Supported by yoga, pranayama, nutrition talks, herbal teas, supplements and juices. All the staff are warm and knowledgeable. All the individual treatment sessions were excellent. My highlight was Kate’s transformative session which was life changing and profound. I came for weight loss and now have the inspiration and tools. To make this a reality. I explored areas of my life I did not even know were holding me back, every area of my life is now in focus. I thought the testimonials I had previously read were exaggerated; they were not! You pay for excellence it isn’t cheap, but neither is the savoy.

Dr Amelia Roberts
Self Healing Retreat

I was not sure what I wanted out of it, but as the retreat progressed it became obvious that the effects of the treatments for my psychological needs have been profound. My body feels as supple as my mind. I came anxious and toxic and left feeling cleansed. I will be continuing my journey from this exquisite springboard of a retreat. Thank you!

Alissia Roberts
Self Healing Retreat

I came to your retreat and my colitis improved significantly. My stomach is no longer bloated, I don't have the digestive symptoms I had. I'm also losing weight. The arthritis in one of my feet feels like it's gone! I can enjoy walking again and hopefully not have the operation the hospital said I should have. I was taking steroids and various other medications, as well as something to combat the side effects of the steroids on the stomach. I didn't take any of my medication whilst at the retreat nor have I taken any since. I want to combat the causes not the symptoms. I was tired of feeling the way I did. Your retreat was absolutely life changing for me. I feel so happy in myself now. So a big thank you for help in healing my ailments and changing my life.

Karen Furness
Self Healing Retreat

I had a brilliant time at the retreat. Everything was so well organised and all the therapists and other members of the team were excellent. The information was delivered clearly. The retreat manager for my time there was brilliant, full of information and was very interesting to listen to. The surroundings are beautiful, lovely for walking and the pool and sauna and added bonus.

Linda Hayhurst
Juice Detox Retreat

I have so much gratitude for this experience I have had at Platinum Healing. I flew in from Chicago with one purpose and that was to develop more self love, positivity, and become healthier. I achieved all of this and so much more. The staff were so accommodating. I found the yoga to be relaxing, the juices to be delicious and the treatments well run and the morning talks very educational. I learned so much about the person I want to be in the future and I am so grateful that I got to have this experience at such a young age. I’m leaving with a new spirit, a new sense of calm, and above all the knowledge that I am in control of my own future happiness. Of all the hard times I have had on my fertility journey it was so nice to have a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much! I highly recommend this cosy environment to improve feeling a better, healthier, lifestyle – whatever the reason.

Lisa Murphy
Fertility Retreat

From the moment I booked this retreat I have so been looking forward to this. I have been very stressed over this past year and I was looking for a real break. I must say I was very worried about how I would cope with the lack of food. I was afraid that the hunger would have made me more stressed. From the moment I arrived in this beautiful place I knew I was going to go home a different person. I found the tranquility of the pace certainly plays a big role in the whole relaxing process. The staf is fantastic and very helpful. The therapists are excellent and very skilled. The juices are different every time which makes it more bearable. The yoga sessions are very good. I have already ordered my juicer which should be on my doorstep when I return home. Thank you Platinum Healing, I will be back.

Monica Morris
Juice Detox Retreat

Platinum Healing is staffed with people who are clearly passionate about what they are providing. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone. Having all juices around a dining table and having access to a comfy lounge is also a very good idea. Being provided supplements and shots of wheat grass/aloe Vera was a good extra. The atmosphere over the whole retreat is chilled and friendly.
One afternoon Nadine who runs the kitchen started chatting to me and running me through the “ladder” to help me with a goal I have been thinking about. She was brilliant - a good teacher and so approachable. What a great free of charge bonus that was!

Mel Shaw
Self Healing Retreat

I needed to be re-energised and have the fire inside of me lit again, and coming on this retreat has done exactly that and more. My passion for life and belief in my own power and strength has been reinstated and it’s with thanks to all the Platinum Healing angels and the light work they project. I’m leaving here feeling lighter, happier, stronger and healthier.
Thank you, I love you all!

Candice Litchfield

I needed help. I had low mood, depression due to relationship problems. For over a year so many things on Google were either detox or mental health hospitals. I wanted a mix of the two and Platinum sounded ideal and it really was.
The staff were really friendly, knew what they were talking about and worked hard to help me. Booking treatments was simple and they were fantastic. I’ve learnt so much about myself this week. Now I can take that forward. Thank you!

Paul Foster
Men’s Health Retreat

Wow is how I have to start this, a combination of a detox and mind with body was truly an emotional, happy, amazing experience. The talented people are so skilled and experienced that it makes your journey unique and special. The educational experience I will take away I value so much and from the bottom of my heart I like to say thank you for everything, it has been life changing and I can’t wait to continue to juice.

Ranvir Dhillon
Men’s Health Retreat

From the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome by the Platinum girls. I honestly feel I have had a reset, and the knowledge to go on and self heal. Thank you.

Nicola Sharples
Self Healing Retreat

Thank you to all the staff for your kindness. I had a really interesting time, with difficult moments, tiredness, hungriness but I am leaving happy, lighter and clearer. Thank You!

Charlotte Bisson
Juice Detox Retreat

Lovely retreat, surpassed expectations. Staffed guided the detox with great care and where aware of how we were feeling and were very reassuring along the way. Very supportive environment.Juices all well tailored, talks very informative and all in a very gorgeous setting.

Angela Pasta
Self Healing Retreat

Coming on to a retreat like this may turn a lot of men off, however I would say to all the guys out there that if you're suffering with stress and health issues or any other mental/physical problems to get in touch and book up with Platinum Healing. It’s better than taking a holiday.

Jean Giblin
Self Healing Retreat

I arrived sad and irritable and left joyous and happy, with some change mapped out for me and with me. My body and heart felt healed.

Helen Gammans
Juice Detox Retreat

Platinum Healing helped me let go of unwanted emotions, bring peace to my very unsettled mind and leave with a clear sense of direction and clear mind. I came here with no expectations other than having a few days of ‘me time,' I am leaving with much more and I am very grateful. Many thanks to all the staff.

Manneet Johal
Men’s Health Retreat

Out of the six juice fast spa retreats I have tried in the UK, Europe and Asia, this one is near the top!

Jean Currie
Juice Detox Retreat

As a first time retreater this was perfect, great team; made it easier than I thought.

Simon shaw
Men’s Health Retreat

If your mind is cluttered and your body is screaming for change and you have no idea how to change this, book Platinum healing now. Your soul will love you forever!

Sharon Asplanol
Self Healing Retreat

Fantastic and wonderful care and attention. Everything I was looking for and more. Feeling great. STOP smoking retreat has worked and the treatments and yoga are brilliant. Well done manager and the excellent therapists.

Kit Hughes
STOP Smoking Retreat

The level of care, support and guidance that the Platinum Healing staff give you is incredible. I’ve learnt so much about good health and through the retreat have felt the benefits of how it feels to implement a healthier lifestyle.
I was very worried at first I thought I would starve and it would be too much of a shock for my body. It was a shock but a great one. I felt cleansed inside and out, my body feels incredible, this was helped massively by the enemas, again I was very worried and scared but honestly the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. The juice detox coupled with yoga, meditation, NLP therapy and much more provides a great balance to heal the body and mind as ultimately both go hand in hand in living a healthier and happier lifestyle.
If you need a cleanse Platinum Healing is a great place to start your journey!

Elisha Mann
Inner Child Healing Retreat

I came to Platinum Healing for the first time 4 years ago when I was in a bad place in my life. I left a new person! Nothing has ever had the impact on me that Platinum healing has, and after a roller coaster year, I thought it was the right time to return. The retreat has grown in four years and it now has even more to offer! The therapist and staff are incredible without them the retreat would not be the same. The juices were so palatable! I am not a fan of veg and I'm terrible for skipping them within my diet, I really thought I would struggle with the detox, but take it from me, if I can get through it, anyone can! Thank you everyone at Platinum healing and I hope to see you again soon!

Alexandra Russell (Returning Guest)
Self Healing Retreat Package

I really enjoyed the retreat. Excellent retreat manager and therapists, very knowledgeable and welcoming. Good bunch of people as well. A very supportive environment with excellent staff. Great to detach from the stresses of life and take the opportunity to reflect and reboot. It's tough but ultimately well worth doing.

Helen Carrier
Menopause Retreat Package

This is a really welcoming, well structured program. The right balance between space and activity. A beautiful location, wonderful staff, healthy and delicious juices and the best reflexology session I've ever had!

Kay Renfrew
Self Healing Retreat Package

My overall retreat experience was very good. I feel slimmer and fitter. My mind is clearer and I have fulfilled lots of little jobs.

Colette Wallace (Redgrave)(Returning Guest)
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I felt very welcome from the first day and this retreat allowed me to really focus on myself and be mindful of every moment I spent here. Great quality Juices and supplements. The Hot Stones and Herbal Massages were absolutely relaxing and enjoyable.

Deyanira Sanchez
Self Healing Retreat Package

Fantastic experience. Even better than last time. Really relaxed and have so many useful things to take away. Feel like I have learnt so much, even though I've visited before. Feel really optimistic about my health and lifestyle after leaving the retreat especially the guidance received from the Naturopath.

Natalie Lowrey (Returning guest)
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Amazing! When I arrived I was so emotionally low and could see no way forward. There is now a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel emotionally stronger and lighter. P.S I am able to do one notch tighter on my belt. Hooray. The Yoga gave you a reason to get up in the morning if you were feeling low. I am taking back some great tools for the challenges ahead of me. I felt so relaxed floating in fact after every treatment.

Helen Peters
Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Package

My overall retreat experience was fantastic if you're needing to Heal body mind and soul, this is the place. The staff were fantastic staff all were helpful, friendly, loving and nurturing. Always available when needed. The Retreat Manager and Naturopath were always happy to give you time. Always willing to share a little extra. They are genuine, caring loving people that obviously love what they do. The Yoga was fantastic! Both instructors did some lovely classes. They were creative and fun. Will go home with new skills. I especially loved the non-surgical facelift. Had headache, sinus pain and by evening pressure in face decreased this definitely helped. The Hypnotherapist was great with the matrix technique. She helped me clear and old belief about myself. Loving, caring also professional.

As a lucky prize winner and already being fairly healthy I have picked up so many new skills to live my life in an even better more fulfilling way. I have cleared past beliefs about myself that I now realise may have been holding me back in being the best I can be. A nurturing loving place to help body mind and spirit. Juices are delicious, never felt hungry. Skin is feeling better, re-vitalise and my sinus pressure has improved (all in five days). Looking forward to continuing this journey on my own. Will make some life changes that I feel I will truly benefit from. Thank you Platinum Healing and to the genuine, loving, caring, nurturing (professional) staff and management.

Kristine Muir
Self Healing Retreat Package

Thank you so much! I can't thank the entire staff enough for making this an amazing week. I came to rest, re -charge and re-focus and I achieved them all. I would recommend Platinum Healing to anyone. Thank you so much!

Nancy Merfeld
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I've been a smoker for 22 years this is the longest I have ever been able to make it without a cigarette. I have tried champix, Xybow, patches, gum, and cold turkey repeatedly. I know going forward I can stay a non-smoker with the tools I have learnt here. My Hypnotherapist was the key in my success she is top-notch.

K Adams
Stop Smoking Retreat Package

My Body Therapist was brilliant intuitive and after reflexology told me things which really helped. The Reconnective Healing Practitioner was wonderful got to the core. The Naturopath was great with the naturopathy, very interesting and came away knowing a lot more about myself. I'm feel calmer, more alert and happier.

Sarah Challice
Self Healing Retreat Package

If you're looking for an opportunity to rest, relax and detox, then Platinum Healing does just what it says on the tin. It's not cheap, but in terms of investment in self, it's probably one of the best I've ever made. I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Pascoe Sawyers
Juice Detox Retreat Package

My overall retreat experience was amazing and tranquil, and I feel like a new woman! The juices were delicious as was the broth. I struggled with the cleansing drinks and shots but I guess it's like medicine! The salad at the end was amazing! The staff are really kind, compassionate and down to earth and made me feel so looked after. The Mind Therapist is fantastic, I have some great techniques to take back to my life. The Mind therapies have literally changed my life I think. The Reconnective Healing Practitioner, no words to describe how amazing she is. The Hypnotherapist was amazing and has rewired my traumatic memories! The Massage Therapist I had was an amazing therapist, wow! She works magic, and was so kind and compassionate to me. I feel clean and glowing inside out, pain-free, calmer, anxiety of the past is gone. I feel so strong and confident.

The inner child retreat has re-wired my brain and body. I feel like a new woman inside and out, rid of bad memories of childhood traumas. I'm returning home bursting with confidence and self love. Thank you so much!

Nadine Clayton
Inner Child Healing Retreat Package

Came hoping, came scared, came with a closed heart, but left wanting more. It's a place that serves memories, dreams hopes and so much more. I leave tomorrow with sadness but good sadness as I feel this time will never leave me, just grow and become something more, something special.

My overall retreat experience was so amazing. The Retreat Manager and the team were fantastic, the last night we had salsa dancing and music from Penny, it just put that full stop to wonderful four days. The Retreat Assistant Manager is lovely, a good host and a great therapist. Made me feel really welcome. I absolutely loved the yoga, it gets into your soul, and under your skin. The Reconnective Healing Practitioner is amazing and will stay in my memory forever, hope I can connect with her again. The support and guidance I received was so good, so nervous in coming, leaving smiling and grounded.

Gina Cohen
Self Healing Retreat Package

The Retreat Manager was very helpful and passing her energy and positivity everywhere and to everyone. The Naturopath was amazing. To see her every morning and show her positivity and knowledge with everyone was great. My Body Therapist was absolutely amazing, it was my first massage experience and I will so do it again. The music on the last day was very energetic and a great idea. Put me in the mood to face the world in a more accepting and relaxed way.

My whole experience was very positive, I was a bit anxious as I was alone and coming from a different background, but I felt so much relaxed and secure and welcomed. The place is very safe, the management make sure everything is running smoothly. The juices were absolutely yummy, enjoy them all! If anyone needs time to reflect and re-energise their system this retreat is amazing… Everyone knows what they're doing and they would do everything to make you feel fulfilled. Big thanks to all the Platinum Team you guys make my experience unforgettable 🙂

I feel more fulfilled and peaceful, I'm starting to look at things differently, in a more positive way. The time I had with myself helped in reflecting and being grateful for life.

Haneen Fareed
Juice Detox Retreat Package - Returning Guest

Immediately when I arrived I knew I'll be in good hands. Everything is prepared and catered for with lots of care, knowledge and professional touch. People are genuine and caring and the location is super for a retreat like this. Always ready to help and support was the energy of the staff. I loved the garden, morning yoga outside, the well-prepared package and inspirational feeling among everyone else. I'm really happy I chose Platinum Healing my retreat!

The arrival and check in process was SUPER. Thank you to the yoga instructor your lovely heart and lessons that were always pleasant and good for the body and soul. Thank you to my mind therapist for taking the time for me and guiding me to see my energy levels more clearly Stardust for you! I feel like being at home again in my body, feeling like a new start again to stay there. Inspired, rejuvenated, cleansed and balanced. I'M VERY HAPPY!!!

Noora Ehnqvlst
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Fantastic retreat offering so much more than just yoga and juices. A warm supportive environment, great location, and the loveliest staff you could hope for. I felt like a different person in just 5 days! The staff were all lovely and the talks were interesting and informative. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Platinum Healing to any of my friends and family 🙂 THANK YOU TO ALL AT PLATINUM HEALING FOR MAKING MY RETREAT SO ENJOYABLE!!

Corinne Coles
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I have enjoyed the experience and giving myself time and investment to try something like this. It has not only been a great break, which was expected, but a great "re-set" of my feelings towards myself and taking better care of me. After 3 to his it's what I really needed. I will definitely do this again, but I won't wait until I am really low, it will become part of my regular/ongoing self care/ love.

Angela Albiston-Thouless
Self Healing Retreat Package

The depth at which the retreat works has taken me by surprise. It is a very powerful experience indeed, and staff are very generous in supporting this. Very deep transformative transformations can be achieved here.

Leonie Green
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Great people, great stuff, great facilities. This is the second time I've used Platinum Healing to detox, chill out and clear my mind. I find it a very safe, supportive and calming environment! Where you can feel at home. Great juices, great advice and wonderful management and staff.

Maurice De Castro
Juice Detox Retreat Package - Returning Guest

This is the perfect place to relax and the staff are fantastic and very knowledgeable. I feel that I'm on the right track now with my health and particularly enjoyed the yoga lessons and lovely swimming pool.

Rosie MacArthur
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I was looking for a proper nutritional juice detox to lead into weight loss and the Platinum Healing detox program was amazing! I felt great nearly all the way thru! The management was friendly, informative, dynamic. Fantastic J Laura is great. Really warmed to her and the short workshop yielded some great tips. The body massages were amazing! My mind and triggers have shifted but results will be more obvious in a few days.

Laura Hayhurst
Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Package

I Received so much support, guidance and care from the professional staff, it really was genuine and from your hearts. I feel so blessed that I was guided to you. Best thing I will do for a long time. x

Nicola Cassidy
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I've been to many retreats in the UK and I feel that Platinum ticks all the boxes completely. It is definitely my favourite so far. Thanks to the team for being so informative, kind and helpful. The accommodation is immaculate and everything is so well organised. Platinum provides the perfect environment to relax and re-energise. I am definitely ready to return to real life. I feel mentally stronger and equipped with better coping mechanisms to face and enjoy my life. Also my jeans look like they belong to someone else now, probably the person I walked in as!…

Beaky MacCallum
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I feel very happy. I feel like I've had a chance to relax and just be myself. Also I have a lot more knowledge regarding food and drinks now and what things I need to be taking. The Retreat Management are lovely, can't do enough to help you! They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. My mind therapies really helped me look at my life and deal with things instead of storing them away! My skin looks brighter and fresher I feel clear headed and more relaxed. I had a fantastic time, this is a great place to detox with lots of friendly support. It's really helped me look at my lifestyle and look at the foods I eat and drink. I'm leaving feeling very confident, refreshed and I'm looking forward to the changes I'm going to make in my life.

Sam Melia
Self Healing Retreat Package

A great experience! Definitely supersedes my 'regular' detox retreat and is now my new annual 'MOT' venue. The 'GO TO' Detox retreat. I have been attending detox retreats for a number of years, this is my first, and certainly not my last (God Willing) to Platinum Healing. It does what it says on the box 'Platinum Healing' and is above all the rest. I wanted to take time out to heal and repair my mind, body and soul and get my Mojo back. I feel very positive about returning to the real world.

Everyone was delightful, very warm and approachable. Very knowledgeable staff, who gave food for thought in abundance. Wonderful treatments which were soothing, comforting and relaxing. A very good trigger for releasing stored up emotion. A great opportunity to shut off from the noise of life. This retreat has a solid formula for optimum healing.

Monica Myrie
Juice Detox Retreat Package

The Excellent Therapists are extremely knowledgeable. All very welcoming and empathetic. The accommodation was very comfortable and clean and there was a great variety of juices! The retreat management was energetic and inspiring and the detox team were superb!

Joanne Weir
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Platinum Healing is set in beautiful countryside and the rustic barn conversion makes it an ideal location for a detox. Staff are knowledgeable, friendly and kind. The juices taste amazing and I was so surprised at how I didn't feel hungry. The treatments are superb. The staff had excellent knowledge, especially on the nutrition. Amazing massage and exactly the right amount of activities.

Deborah Kroiter
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Very positive experience. Great treatments, great service, great company. I came looking for a break for my body, from my lifestyle, my work and my problems. The whole Team were fantastic. I felt completely at home. I learnt a lot about healthy living and thinking. I Learnt a lot about myself and I met some great people on retreat with me. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.

David Mitchell
Self Healing Retreat Package

It's been a real journey, a challenge at times, but I really would recommend it to others. The Management team are the best, absolutely amazing, so happy, caring, knowledgeable in all aspects, really blew me away! This retreat really has it all, the staff are so knowledgeable, this really did wow me! Amazing! Thank you!

Emma Cocks
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I had no idea how amazing this experience would be! I came with a sad heart and worries and left feeling like I know my way and I'm no longer lost! The accommodation was beautiful and tranquil. The Yoga Instructor is AWESOME! One of the most beautiful people I have ever met, warm, genuine, loving and open. Her time, concern and conversation has been invaluable. All the staff at Platinum Healing have been lovely, they are all special eggs that make the experience! All their time, perspectives, experiences and listening has made this package MAGICAL! LOVED IT! My body therapist was Amazing. I feel like she switched on lots of lights for me and changed how I think and feel. The Thursday evening NLP and Life Coaching Workshop .... Loved it loved it loved it all!! I knew I had booked something good, but I had no idea how much of an impact it would have. By day two I felt like things were changing. It's a safe space with a wonderful team who welcome and support you. It's a place where different people with different hopes meet and create a different view and perspective on your future. A wonderful place to re-boot and consider how to move forward. No food is hard but that's all part of the process to feel brilliant and make positive changes.

Debbie Maher
Stop Smoking Retreat Package

My overall Retreat Experience was amazing - like being with family. The juice Detox Program was also Amazing, fabulous recipes! The Juicing Staff should have a recipe book deal! The staff here are AMAZING! They all go beyond their role and scope to be so kind, thoughtful and amazingly lovely as well as amazing at their job! The support and guidance received was unbelievable. Emotionally, I feel reborn! My 2016 didn't start on 01/01/16 like I thought it would - it's happened this week! My retreat has exceeded any expectations I had. After four days of clean eating (or drinking to be exact) and amazing care and support from the staff I feel like myself again! Since my best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer in March 2015 I have been on autopilot and his death in November 2015 has sent me into a fog - That fog is lifted and I cannot believe so much has been achieved in so short a time! Thank you everyone!!

Breda Spillane
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I’m feeling really good, rested, skin feels amazing, feel much lighter and stronger. An excellent detox holiday.

Kim Purdy
Inner Child Healing Retreat Package

I’m so glad I returned to Platinum Healing for a second time. I feel very de-stressed and ready to return to my life refreshed and inspired!

Lisa Hinton
Juice Detox Retreat Package

The retreat was a gift to myself which exceeded my expectations! The retreat was outstanding! I could feel a real shift, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve loved every moment. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how to self-care. It’s been a beautiful place to meet my soul. Beautiful building and setting. I felt at peace here and safe to be myself. The inner child healing was out of this world and EFT fantastic! The reason I chose Platinum Healing was the value for money, great location, website is fantastic, easy to use and very informative. I leave knowing which direction I need to take in life to create the changes I need. Am so grateful for the life I have created so far and I am filled with so much appreciation. Life is good. Thank you for helping me find myself again. I’ve come back home and loving hat is again. Much love Rosanna

Rosanna Ferrazzano
Inner Child Healing Retreat Package

The accommodation was comfortable and homely, the juices were amazing, Rachel is a fabulous source of information. I was very impressed by her. Very inspiring and incredibly grounded. Support was all around and nothing was too much trouble. I feel replenished, proud and grateful to everyone. This experience was just what I needed. Before my experience here, I was fuzzy headed, snappy, and had a constant twist in my belly. I am leaving here 4 days later feeling lighter, clear headed happier, healthier and a better version of me. The place and atmosphere itself is like entering a healing bubble. The platinum healing team are were all amazing and incredibly supportive. I especially Loved the hypnotherapy with Laura which was mindblowing, and Rachel was so inspiring. The whole experience was just beautiful THANK YOU!!

Anya Komazec
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Management was lovely always on hand, interested, lovely and always well presented. On arrival everyone was very relaxed and welcoming and the welcome talk was lovely. The morning emotional check ins were entertaining. I was very fortunate to be with a great bunch of people staff and retreaters alike. The yoga was fabulous I wish I had attended these classes with these teachers 30 years ago. The tools from the NLP workshops were beautifully simple to help with management of emotions at both ends of the spectrum. The body treatments were excellent it is not often one finds a masseur that is so competent! The mind therapies were literally mind blowing. At all times the support from the staff was exceptional they always made time to talk observe and check with kindness.

J Carefoot
Stop Smoking Retreat Package

What an amazing and wonderful team loved them all. Couldn’t have asked for more felt totally supported in a safe friendly environment. The welcome talk was fabulous got us all ready so we all knew exactly what was going to happen. I feel really relaxed more focused greater clarity. Think I lost some weight and met some great people. A week with Platinum Healing was everything I needed to detox my mind and body and to help me regain clarity. A fabulous experience and perfect environment to restore your health and balance in life.

Maurice Decastro
Men's Health Retreat Package

Platinum healing is great well worth the money, facilities are amazing, all the juices are delicious, all the advice you get is fantastic definitely great value for money. Perfectly designed retreat.

Stewart Donaldson
Stop Smoking Retreat Package

Amazing experience, life changing in so many ways. I couldn’t believe how good the juices tasted. The team are fantastic nothing is too much trouble! Rachel is so knowledgable and speaks excellently could literally listen to her all day. Lisa- Best Massage and Reflexology I have ever had. Julie really helped to uncover areas of negativity I had been harbouring she was lovely to talk to.

The whole retreat was life changing for me it was a total mind body and soul detox. I have learnt so much about me, my body, nutrition, relaxation, yoga and I would recommend to everyone. The team are amazing and nothing is too much trouble everyone is full of knowledge. I feel transformed, healthier, cleaner, more confident and will be making much improved food choices going forward.

Kellie Carlton
Fertility Detox Retreat Package

I have been feeling wonderful since the retreat – positive, spacious, inspired. Although I lost a few pounds, and my skin was shining like a linseed when I left, the profound psychological impact of the detox was what took me by surprise.

Connie Allfrey
Journalist, Queen of Retreats

I am so unbelievably impressed by it all. I feel genuinely transformed. I lost 6lbs on retreat and have lost another pound since. The strange thing was I didn't even bother weighing myself when I went home - it didn't matter any more because I felt healthy and I knew how I was going to eat moving forwards, though it was a nice surprise.

No coffee, white carbs or chocolate and that's because I don't want them. I feel like my taste buds got reset or something because I enjoy every mouthful of food I eat and mostly I want to eat vegetables! I feel clear headed and clean inside, I'm sleeping well and feel calm and happy inside. This has never happened to me before I can tell you! My husband has eaten chocolate, bacon sandwiches and it doesn't even occur to me to eat them.

I have carried on with so many of the things from the retreat and am so appreciative of all I learned. So I'm a convert for sure and I send much love and good wishes to you all.

Gill Lewis
Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Package

An amazing experience, treating the whole body, mind and spirit even better than I expected with totally amazing people to help and guide us through the process.

The juices were different daily and tasted very nice I liked the whole detox programme. The retreat management was toptastic!!

All the staff have been totally amazing, all very supportive genuine lovely people with smiley faces all day. The nutrition and breaking the fast talk was really good I could listen to Rachel’s talks over again, so informative, educating and interesting it really makes you think about what we are putting into our bodies.

I have had 100% guidance and support the whole way through. I feel like a much calmer, happier person than when I arrived, my mind feels clearer, my body great for the first time in years. I think I’ve lost some weight I have learnt a lot about myself and feel so much more positive and confident. A great big massive thank you and bear hugs to you all this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself it has been worth every penny!!

Angie Robson
Juice Detox Retreat Package

What a fantastic life changing experience. From Pre booking (telephone conversation with Millie and Jessica), through to the retreat, it was excellent. Jessica, Rachel, Jan, Cheryl were all so friendly and warm with great advice and genuinely pleased to help.
The Management of the retreat is excellent. Everyone was just lovely and really cared for our emotional wellbeing. They were all happy to chat at any time not just on the morning talks and offer advice. It was so nice to be asked how you feel by everyone and the morning emotional check inns were great. Being a complete beginner to Yoga Penny was amazing and very friendly... I loved it.

The whole process has changed me. The detox lost my bloat. My outlook has changed, I am more positive and have stopped wallowing in self-pity and replaced my “can’t do attitude” to a “can do” attitude! I have been to yoga twice a week since the retreat which is a miracle as I hadn’t exercised for more than 3 years previously.

Something has definitely shifted in me mentally and I am much more the old (pre cancer) me. A combination of platinum healing’s emotional assistance, yoga and Bradley. Thank you all so much.

Jo White

Fantastic experience, met amazing like-minded people and have added to my knowledge. The accommodation was lovely and very clean. The management was excellent, very well run, everyone is very friendly and accommodating.

I feel really revived and my body feels amazing feel really light and happy and healed in my body. I have had an amazing time on retreat. Jess, Rachel and team were fantastic, so accommodating and tending to every need. I have had lots of highs and a few lows when hungry but I’m very happy to have completed the detox and feel fantastic for it.

Naomi Lee

I got more out of this retreat than I could ever have anticipated, I feel clean, healthy, fit, energised and excited about everything that I have learnt.

More than anything I am grateful to have had the opportunity to explore my spiritual side I think this was the biggest benefit. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the juices were and I am really impressed with the attention to detail in nutrition.
Jessica and all the staff were so friendly and easy to talk to and made us all feel at ease very quickly. Organisation was flawless from start to finish.

Aisling Browwer

I was very anxious and not sure how I would react to the retreat environment. But I have found I enjoyed myself and feel it has helped to relieve some of my stresses.

And more importantly I am now a non- smoker. All the therapists have been lovely. Jackie the hypnotherapist was professional and warm and a very good listener. I'm feeling positive about continuing to be smoke free at home.

Joanna Wilby

THANKYOU for such an amazing week from the 13th July. As you know I found the week hard but the benefits I am still gaining are just wonderful and I truly thank you all for this. I returned to my normal life and 7 lbs lighter so a great start. I continued with a very healthy diet right up to my wedding day and even had to have £188.00 of dress alterations to make it smaller!

Aside from the diet my biggest thanks has to go to all my mind therapies- I cannot tell you how insecure and embarrassed I was about having a premature menopause and how inferior I felt as a woman. As soon as I came home from you, people commented on how different I looked and I just told them, and I went on to tell more people and more people and I haven't at any stage felt any issue with the menopause now.

It is a miracle and my husband is thrilled to see me so relaxed and more confident.

Sarah Tombs
Juice Detox Retreat Package

My time spent at the retreat was the best thing I've ever did in regaining a healthier me. Not only did I feel physically fit I also felt mentally lighter. Thank you so much for all the wonderful therapy and treatments the staff provided for me during my stay. I felt that when I came back to London I was reborn.

Since being back I've become more selective in what I eat and I'm juicing most days. My skin and eyes are brighter and I feel more energetic.

Thank you again for all your care and support and I will definitely be coming back again.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and I embrace all the new challenges that lie ahead. It's almost like you have opened up a window from within me and feel like I've been reborn to a very loving, respectful & beautiful soul.

Sandy Henshaw
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I had a terrific time – returning home re-energised, relaxed and full of vitality! Thank you to you and your colleagues, including your Mum, for your advice, time and attention during the week.

Although I decided not to participate in the full programme, I nevertheless made the most of my time there. Without doubt, I will be back and intend incorporating your fast into my annual “must do’s”.

Nigel Hastings
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed my time at Platinum Healing. All the staff were fantastic and as a group we all hit if off really well.

I came home 6lbs lighter which I know was really a side effect of the detox but much more importantly my blood pressure was 122/68 the lowest it's been for 8 years and I felt great. I have cut my drinking down which has had a knock on effect on my husbands drinking as well. I proved to myself I did not need to drink wine every night just a stupid habit. In fact I have re-evaluated a lot of things with all the advice we were given to live a healthier life style.

Sarah Heaver
Juice Detox Retreat Package

The five-day juice fasting retreat at Platinum Healing was an amazing experience, both for body and mind. I came back feeling invigorated, healthy and very inspired and I cannot recommend it enough!

It has spurred me on to lead a healthier lifestyle at home and given me a much needed kick start. The Platinum Healing team is highly professional and knowledgeable and the retreats are run with a lot of passion!

Lena Vik
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I lost an amazing 7lbs during the retreat and added to the 3lbs lost in the previous week on the preparation diet, makes a fantastic total of 10lbs! So I feel slimmer and more energetic and lots of friends/neighbours have noticed.

I decided to eat very lightly for this week as well as Kate suggested that was a good idea. I managed to cook a full Sunday roast last weekend and only ate the veg and a few new potatoes! Maybe the hypnotherapy is having an effect-I no longer seem to 'panic' about feeling hungry or when I am next going to eat. I am happy to follow my appetite which seems to have shrunk.

I feel so clear-headed in the morning. My husband is so impressed and I would like him to maybe come on a Platinum Healing retreat - I know you would look after him!

Sarah Sulik
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I completed the Juice Detox and Yoga retreat in Arundel last month and it was an amazing experience. I've always thought my lifestyle was quite healthy but this retreat raised my awareness and made me realise it could be so much better. The wonderful location and fantastic staff made the whole experience an absolute treat and at no point did I feel deprived of food as the juices were so delicious. Since the retreat I have dramatically reduced the sugar, wheat and processed food from my diet, started yoga classes and juice regularly. Thank you Platinum Healing for giving me the kick start I needed to reassess my life and improve every part of it.

Lisa Hinton
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I left the retreat feeling refreshed, energised and calm.

A week later and I have stuck with mostly juices, smoothies and soup, with one 'proper' meal a day and I've stayed wheat, dairy and sugar-free and fully intend to do so for as long as my system feels it necessary. I feel great! I have lost 6lbs, I have regained a lot of the energy I lost post-operatively (abdominal hysterectomy in December), and I haven't got bloating anymore.

I have also had the energy I need to do treatments, do my vinyasa yoga classes and PT sessions, and get up early in the mornings fully alert and raring to go!

My intention with the retreat was to reboot my system after all other things I've tried have failed. I think that the way the retreat is structured is superb - I didn't feel hungry once, I didn't think about food and I appear to have been completely cured of my sweet cravings at long last (even a candida diet for a year didn't do that!). I am so grateful to all of the team for their support and passion, and to my myself for allowing myself the gift of time!

Helen Rebello
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I still feel great - despite having a busy week at work. I have made sure that I eat much more healthily and have been eating lots of fruit and veg with some fish or shellfish - and I bought a juicer which I love using!

Emotionally the EFT and hypnotherapy sessions seem to have reached places where nothing else has and I still feel very much at peace with myself and the world. Very best wishes to you and the team

Jacquie Ray

Jacquie Ray

I certainly did enjoy my retreat! Since returning home my eating habits have really changed. I no longer desire the undesirables!! I guess that’s down to the amazing hypnotherapy.

Also I am keeping up with the Yoga, which I had forgotten how much I enjoyed and how it changes you in many ways.

I feel so much more positive about everything in general. I returned home full of excitement about the new direction my life has taken. I wake up so excited in the mornings, and so buzzing that I have to get up and write things down. I am ticking off my 'to do' list as I go.

I have to say that all your therapists were excellent and it was great to have different Yoga teachers and the nutritional talks. I will recommend Platinum Healing. With love and gratitude to you and your team.

Honor Monk
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I felt the retreat was life changing. I felt that I got in touch with a part of myself that I had I repressed long ago and for that I will always feel very grateful.

I felt very safe and felt that the support was excellent. I have recommended it to everyone I virtually know. I have tried to keep up with the healthy food and tried to keep it in the day even though it has been very intense being at home. I will always remember that week.

Barbara Leigh
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I'm a mum of 2 as well as running my own business and attended the Platinum Retreat last week for some well over due me time. It's one of the best things I've done for years and I didn't feel guilty for doing do!

It's given me the tools to look after myself, learn how to control my stress levels and just be. From start to finish it was professional but very comfortable and all the small touches like a card when leaving right down to the way the juices were presented were lovely.

Thank you to all of your team who helped make this a life changing experience

Emma Rigby
Juice Detox Retreat Package

My time at Platinum Healing was really transformational. I'd recently gone through a great deal of upheaval in my love life and work and I could not have gone to a more perfect place to recharge. After a week of detoxing, massages, making some new friends and hypnotherapy, I felt totally rejuvenated and came back a new woman. I was given practical tools through my NLP sessions, pampering time with beauty treatments as well as incredible support and consolidation over my recent choices. I can't recommend Platinum Healing enough!

Vikki Scott – Juice Detox Retreat

Vikki Scott
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I am definitely feeling the positive effects of my recent retreat. On an emotional level, it is hard to explain how I feel, but I think the best word to describe it is "unburdened". I feel as if a huge, heavy mantle has been lifted from my being. I attribute this hugely to the wonderful healing sessions I had with Nicola - EFT and hypnotherapy. I've long believed in EFT and have used it a couple of times, but the sessions I had with Nicola were extremely powerful. I feel like I have cleared some heavy emotional blocks and am now ready to move forward in a very positive way. The issues that I had been carrying around with me for years have gone. It's a wonderful feeling. On a physical health level, I am finding it easy to stick to healthy eating and have filled my 'fridge and larder with healthy, whole and raw foods. I simply just feel so much better on every level! I would like to thank you and your team again very much for the wonderful work you do.

Lynne Edwards
Juice Detox Retreat Package

So many great memories... I loved every minute and could have stayed for another 5 days!

I came with the intention to relax, nurture and re-energise while giving my body and mind the detox and break it needed, cleansing from the soul. I achieved it all and more. I just loved the way you could tailor the retreat exactly to your own needs in such beautiful surroundings.
Your team are fantastic, your core management team, the therapists and yoga & dance teachers. All just brilliant.

I am feeling great post detox, fully energised and I have maintained the healthy living regime, running with my dogs on the beach every day and busy with the next chapter of life.

Thank you for helping get me back on track, you really are all doing a fabulous job. I will be endorsing you to everyone and writing a blog about detox and my experience sometime soon.

Emma Weatherstone
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I certainly enjoyed the week and have been very pleased that the very positive thoughts I left with have stayed just as strong. I know it’s still early days, but I do feel a real change of attitude in myself. On the way home I stopped at M&S and bought some new clothes. Not special clothes, but just everyday clothes that make me feel good.

For so long I've been struggling into clothes that are too tight & uncomfortable, but I haven't wanted to give in and buy a size larger. I haven't felt worthy of buying something 'nice', I'm always saving that purchase for when I reach my goal, which is 2 stone away, so we're not talking a couple of weeks to achieve it. I know how ridiculous it sounds, but it's how it's been.

In my new clothes I feel good & enjoy getting ready for the day, and guess what, I carry that good feeling with me all through the day. On the Saturday after I left you I had a compliment from a complete stranger who remarked that I was 'happy & glowing’!

I think the whole week contributed to my change, but for me, the hypnotherapy had the most impact. I feel I have a completely different attitude to food. I no longer feel the need to join Weight Watchers or Rosemary Conley etc, as I don't want that constant reminder of calories, 'bad' foods, and the complete focus on food. I now feel really happy eating whole foods and focusing on living and am starting to listen to my body for the first time in years.

Carey Phelan
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I really enjoyed the retreat – thank you - and it is my second one there (I went to one last year too). I have felt much better after it. I really enjoyed the juices, the yoga and the treatments I had and the Retreat Manager worked hard to keep us all organised and on track. As was the case with my last visit, the team could not do enough to help – so a unique selling point for you.

Juice Detox Retreat Package - Returning Guest

My daughter visited last week and she's a changed woman. It's lovely to see. I would absolutely be happy for you to use my comments on your website, I am so happy for my daughter found the perfect retreat. Well done team Platinum!

M Taylor
Mother of a Retreat Guest

I had a great time, a very structured and informative detox and I would thoroughly recommend you. I am already thinking of coming back later on in the year. The staff were fantastic, venue ideal, treatments amazing, yoga great, just wish I could have stayed longer. I learnt a lot from Platinum Healing.

Penny was a star and Rachel was very interesting plus the rest of the staff were a pleasure. I feel Fantastic I have achieved what I wanted. Fantastic staff excellent structured programme. The yoga was brilliant such enjoyable sessions in the morning with Linda. Penny was always on hand to help in anyway and was full of encouragement as were the rest of the staff. What an amazing place to detox, a very structured, friendly environment will definitely come again.

Debbie Mckay
Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Package

I feel much better since I have done the detox retreat. Much more energy and less depressed. Thanks for the cosy and caring atmosphere you provided for all of us during this short week.

Eva Steiner
Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Package

I just wanted to give feedback on how professional, friendly and supportive you all were.

I learned so much and putting lots into practice. I joined a new yoga studio this week, buying organic wherever possible and feeling so much more energetic than I have in months!

Plus I lost 3 kilos (almost 7lb)!

Love to all x

Lynn Chalmers
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I'm a mum of 2 as well as running my own business and attended the Platinum Retreat last week for some well over due me time.

It's one of the best things I've done for years and I didn't feel guilty for doing do!

It's given me the tools to look after myself, learn how to control my stress levels and just be.

From start to finish it was professional but very comfortable and all the small touches like a card when leaving right down to the way the juices were presented were lovely.

Thank you to all of your team who helped make this a life changing experience.

Emma Rigby
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Jodie MoakesI was diagnosed as having Thygeson superficial punctate keratitis (TSPK) in 2008. TSPK is a chronic disease, lasting years to decades. Multiple, whitish gray, intraepithelial corneal lesions, with minimal to no conjunctival involvement, are trademark characteristics of the disease.

Symptoms include discomfort such as burning or irritation, foreign body sensation, mild degrees of tearing, and photophobia (light sensitivity). There are occasional minor decreases in visual acuity.

At its worst I wouldn't go out, especially in the sun. This would cause problems with everyday life. I always wore sunglasses in any weather as would lessen the discomfort with light. Air conditioning would dry them out and they would be very sore. They would water and would start to close, sometimes I had to fight to keep them open it was, at times, extremely debilitating. I would have eye drops and use a humidifier at night. As its uncommon, it was hard for people to understand and take seriously especially at work.

I went to Platinum Healing retreat in September 2015. It never crossed my mind that this would help let alone make it disappear! And that's exactly what happened.

We had juices made from organic fruit and veggies and learnt about nutrition and what should go into our bodies to support our whole system.

On day 3 we went out for a foraging walk and I suddenly realised that I wasn't aware of any sensation, in fact I wasn't aware of feeling my eyes at all when I always had been. I took my sunglasses off and had no reaction to the light. I cannot express my elation when I realised what had happened. I was so relieved and felt so incredibly happy.

I had a hospital appointment at the eye clinic the last day of the retreat. When I went, the Doctor looked at my eyes through a lamp and confirmed that there wasn't any sign of any lesions (previous trip in June I had 7/8 lesions in each eye) the doctor discharged me!

This has made a huge difference to my everyday life and I couldn't be more grateful to Platinum healing.

My eyes look better and I've received comments on how open and bright they look.

I cannot recommend this retreat enough and all the information they give you regarding health and nutrition.

I love them and am forever grateful.

Jodie Moakes
Self Healing Retreat Package

Thought I'd let you know my progress. Something has definitely changed! I'm juicing every day. I haven't smoked since the retreat! Am doing regular yoga and feel better than I can remember. Still early days but so far it seems the retreat has had a massive impact. So thank you to all!

Peter Connolly
STOP Smoking and Men's Health Retreat Packages

I was originally searching for a yoga retreat when I came across Platinum Healing. I consider myself to be quite healthy and therefore not exactly in need of a full detox but I liked the look of the accommodation and the midweek break worked for my schedule.

I actually enquired as to whether I could bring my own food to supplement the hunger that imagined I would endure, and was a little concerned when advised that it would not benefit the detox process.

So a little nervous about the experience but very much looking forward to some pampering and relaxation I embarked on my journey.

During my stay I was surprised to find I was not hungry at all, in fact by the end of the detox the thought of eating had almost become alien and a hassle !

I really had the most wonderful time, meeting lovely new people, enjoying beautiful juices, receiving pampering massages, life changing hypnotherapy and wonderful nutritional advice.

After the retreat I felt so pure and clean, it was really a lovely feeling.

I was also slimmer and very strong after all the yoga.

I hope to be able come back to the retreat again and again. Thanks so much for a truly wonderful experience.

Love and blessings


Jennifer Bench
Juice Detox Retreat Package

We had a brilliant time at Platinum Healing. The Staff were very knowledgeable, professional and caring. The talks every morning were great as was the yoga and the huge variety of treatments on offer. Our stay at Platinum was hugely restorative , the accommodation was luxurious and there was such a relaxed, warm atmosphere that we felt very at home. We left feeling relaxed, energised, happy and motivated to continue this healthy lifestyle. Cant recommend it enough! Thank you Platinum!

Clementine and Meaghan
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I have just returned from a 4 day detox retreat and I feel amazing. Thank you to the whole team you are very knowledgable lovely people xxxx

Shirley Saunders
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I cannot thank everyone Platinum Healing enough for how they have changed my life around. I went at a time I was very run down, with a constant head cold, bad skin and bloated overweight feeling, as well as on going childhood trauma issues. Choosing the Inner Child package I had expected the yoga and detox would help sort out my health and as a bonus provide a little support for the ongoing work I was doing with my mental health. What I hadn't expected was to leave the retreat, reset with a new energy, new self-belief and a passion for the world that I haven't felt for nearly 20 years.

Their holistic approach ensured that all aspects of my mind, body and soul were well nurtured and looked after, the constant care and attention given ensured a loving and healing environment that allowed me to bring together all of the self-development work I had been doing throughout my adult life and click it all into place. I finally have foundations of self-love and acceptance that I have never had before and from which I am able to bring a positive healthy attitude to all aspects of my life, from personal relationships all the way through to my work

Maybe I was lucky and went at just the right point in my life to make it such a powerful experience, but even if I had only got half as much out of the retreat it would have been well worth the money. Thanks again for providing such a unique and amazing package.

Amena Hasan – Inner Child Healing Retreat

Amena Hasan
Inner Child Healing Retreat Package

Laura CorcoranI was encouraged by my best friend to look at a Platinum Healing Retreat, she had read about the amazing work they do in a newspaper. I had been off work for nearly 5 months with many symptoms, depression, anxiety, fatigue, confusion and constant muscle pain, the doctors diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, had prescribed medication but I was not moving forward or feeling any better.

I was really unsure of what to expect from the retreat and at the welcome meeting spoke about the fibromyalgia and explained that that was the reason I was there to try and get some relief from the symptoms I was experiencing. 5 days later I left the retreat feeling like a new person, I was 7lb lighter and pain free but more importantly I felt like I had my enthusiasm for life back, I described it as though the team had helped me to hit my 'reset' button. The therapy and support I received from them was amazing, I came away with a new frame of mind, feeling much calmer, confident and 'present' in my own life.

The new eating habits and healthy regime had a positive influence on my family when I returned home too, my eldest daughter has become a whizz with the juicer trying out all sorts of recipes, and my youngest commented on how lovely it was to hear me singing around the house again! I now meditate regularly, and do breathing techniques and yoga to help ease any worries I have mentally or physically.

I was able to return to work only a week after returning from the retreat.

I am still buzzing following the retreat. I lost 7lb while on the retreat, but for me it was about so much more than just weight loss. I feel like with your support I hit my 'reset' button. My eating habits and frame of mind have completely changed. The added bonus is that my new healthy habits are having positive influence on my family too. My friends and family have commented on how glowing and clear my skin looks and that my smile is reaching my eyes again. As well as eating a cleaner, more alkaline diet. I am drinking a cleansing drink every morning, drinking more water. Increased my exercise, walking, Pilates and yoga. I am meditating on a daily basis. And just feel so present, if that makes sense? With your support I feel like I am living again, you have given me my life back and will be eternally grateful. I have attached a 'before and after' picture for you see. Love to all.

Laura Corcoran
Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Confusion and Weight Issues

Approximately 5 years ago I woke-up one morning unable to stand, continually vomiting and suffering from a severe bout of dizziness. This confined me to bed for 3 months, laying still and unable to move and also resulting in hospitalisation with a brain MRI scan. The doctors and specialists diagnosed many things including Meniere’s Disease, Ear Crystals & Vertigo. Although the dizziness lessened over time every day I suffered a degree of dizziness and “brain fog”, some days were worse than others but the “brain fog” never went away.

It eventually occurred to me that it may be caused by something I was eating and decided to go on a 4 night Juicing Detox with Platinum Healing in Arundel. By day three my mind had cleared and my dizziness had disappeared. By Day five I was feeling healthier than I had felt in the previous 5 years.

Two years on and the dizziness by enlarge remains at bay. Whenever it rears its ugly head I go on a juice diet for 2 days and it once again fades away. Platinum Healing gave me the advice and guidance I needed to enable me to focus and manage my own health issues.

Going to the retreat allowed me to get away from the everyday mundane tasks and allowed me to focus on myself. It allowed me to jump start a lifestyle of planning and eating healthier meals instead of just reaching into the cupboard for whatever is there.

Since leaving the retreat I have been able to conquer my bad eating habits which has in turn relieved me of the daily brain fog & dizziness that I was experiencing. This has made a huge difference to my wellbeing and I don’t now feel overwhelmed with the day ahead.

I am determined to continue to make better food choices day by day, but in order to get to this point I needed to fully detox first.

I have continued to have a shot glass of Aloe Vera & spirulina every day and a juice every morning for breakfast. I shall certainly consider attending a detox retreat once a year from now on.

Jessica Banks
Meniere’s Disease, Ear Crystals & Vertigo

Before going on the retreat I was diagnosed with a fibroid and put it down to having a stressful job for many years and bout after bout of insomnia and having to take sleeping tablets. I read that diet, medication and stress were the main factors contributing to fibroids and decided to book myself on a retreat to detox and recharge my batteries. The retreat was better than I could ever have imagined and I came away feeling detoxed, mentally calm and full of energy. During the retreat I had some therapy sessions and we discussed my desire to leave my stressful industry but my fear of taking the risk to leave what I had always done and knew. 6 months later I have continued with my healthy diet of regular juicing, lots of raw food, and I now sleep well and have far more energy as a result. I have also had the courage to step out of my industry and start retraining in nutrition. Yoga has become a daily practice and I volunteer with a school for kids with cerebral palsy – something I have wanted to do for years but never had the time to do. This change in lifestyle has benefited my health so much that I have recently been told that my fibroid has reduced in size by almost a half! I feel happy, excited for the future and very thankful to Platinum Healing for helping me to embark on this journey.

Emma Tompkins
Fibroid, Insomnia and Stress

I went on a Platinum Healing Retreat for Depression and Anxiety in Arundel Sussex. My experience was amazing on so many different levels. Physically, I returned home healthier, stronger & slimmer. Mentally I returned home happy, positive, balanced and excited to see my family. I had some amazing treatments and therapies and learned some great strategies to deal with stress and have found that actually I can approach my problems differently. The highlight was my Spiritual Coaching session which I picked on a whim. What a result, 23 years worth of emotional pain removed. Each therapy and treatment I chose complimented each other in unexpected but perfectly synchronised ways. Everyone is very friendly and professional. There is always someone on hand to answer any questions and the location is perfect with countryside to explore and relax in, the town to explore and the beach. I have recommended the retreat to all my friends and will definitely be going back next year! Lots of love and thanks again!

My life changed during the course of a 90 minute Spiritual Coaching session at Platinum Healing a couple of years ago. I didn't realise at the time how broken and unbalanced I was. I mean I had clues as I had suffered post natal depression with my first child and to a lesser extent with my second. This was part of the reason I went to Platinum Healing. I needed a holiday, some time out for myself which I had never allowed myself. During those 90 minutes, 23 years of emotional pain were taken away from me. I could feel it physically moving out of my body. I discovered that the love that I thought had been denied to me was love that I had been denying myself. I was shown how to experience this and my life completely changed.

Post Retreat Follow up with Deborah

Since the retreat, I have lived my life differently. I have remembered the lessons I learned during those 90 minutes and throughout my retreat, and held them close. I found I could forgive more easily and let go of anger I didn't realise I had been holding on to. I also love more easily too. I have become a spiritual person which was the last thing I ever expected but actually exactly what I yearned for. The various mind and body therapies complemented each other beautifully to enable this transformation to take place which I believe is the winning formula of Platinum Healing.

I have for the most part succeeded in maintaining a healthy diet and I still juice on a regular basis. I dropped 2 dress sizes and unexpectedly maintained this over the last couple of years, and as I haven't been dieting I can only assume that the emotional weight I had been carrying was the reason for this. I believe that our minds and our bodies are connected in a way I didn't understand before. On my way home from the retreat I bought myself a size 10 dress from a shop in Arundel that fit beautifully at the time. It was a little treat to myself because I was feeling amazing. A week later it was a little generous, and a couple of months later it was too big. My weight just seemed to continue to drop and drop. I went in as a fairly generous size 10 and ended up a comfortable size 8. This has lasted for nearly a couple of years.

Deborah Thomas
Depression and Anxiety

I am in a wonderful, magical grateful place post retreat.

Truly a life changing experience!

Having spent many years on hard medication to help combat Fibromyalgia, DDS, ME as well as ADHD I found Platinum Healing!

Some months prior I had reached the darkest places of my existence and had also then failed at trying to opt out of life. As I was not living it was mere existing. Something had to change. I booked in and spent the most amazing 4 day's at the retreat, where I had inner child hypnotherapy & hypnotherapy to help combat ADHD. As well as Ayurveda massage. Taking all opportunities the retreat had to offer I started yoga every morning. Enjoying inspiring talks and films in the evening, and having genuine quality time out for me.

Since leaving the retreat, at the end of 2012 I trained as a Reiki Therapist and the following year continued my journey with Reiki as well as trained as a Shamanic practitioner and studied meditation, NLP and crystal healing. Early on this year I set up my own business working with all these fields, and teaching meditation.

Shortly after leaving the retreat I stopped taking Tramadol and codeine. Back in October 14 I decided it was time to wean of a drug called Pregabalin (Lyrica) ,and set up a support page for others going through the heinous task of withdrawal. I am still going through the process of coming of this drug.

I can hand on my heart say it was Platinum Healing that gave me the spring board back into living life on life's term's. Empowering me believe in myself and through hypnotherapy gave me direction, and the strength to overcome illness.

Carli Weir
Fibomyalgia, ME, DDS, ADHD

I still feel great - despite having a busy week at work. I have made sure that I eat much more healthily and have been eating lots of fruit and veg with some fish or shellfish - and I bought a juicer which I love using! Emotionally my EFT and hypnotherapy seem to have reached places where nothing else has and I still feel very much at peace with myself and the world.

Post Retreat Follow up;
It is almost a year since I returned from my retreat in Arundel. I had never attended a retreat before, and wasn't sure what to expect. From the moment I arrived the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. My reasons for attending the retreat were to try and get some focus back into my life, lose some weight and deal with some emotional issues.

The first evening we were introduced to a range of specialists / therapists who would be supporting us through the week. I had booked an EFT session, a hypnotherapy session and a detox body massage. This was in addition to the juices, detox supplements and yoga and NLP sessions which were included in the basic retreat package. It was a cleansing experience for both body and mind.

My EFT experience and hypnotherapy were so powerful that following the retreat I actually researched EFT and have since become a practitioner myself, and have also qualified in NLP.

The retreat started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle both physically and emotionally. I use a combination of NLP and EFT on myself which has helped me to maintain a healthy weight, and EFT really helped me to continue to reach a healthier weight, in addition to taking up yoga again.

The retreat gave me the space to focus on myself and to understand the blocks that were impacting on me emotionally and physically. The retreat gave me the tools, motivation and kick-start that I needed, in addition to helping me to find strategies to maintain it in the longer term.

Jacqui Ramus
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I lost 7lbs during the retreat and added to the 3lbs lost in the previous week on the preparation diet you gave to me, making it a fantastic total of 10lbs! So I feel slimmer and more energetic and lots of friends/neighbours have noticed. I decided to eat very lightly for this week as well as Platinum Healing suggested that was a good idea. I managed to cook a full Sunday roast last weekend and only ate the veg and a few new potatoes! Anne-Marie cannot believe my will-power and neither can I! Maybe the hypnotherapy is having an effect-I no longer seem to 'panic' about feeling hungry or when I am next going to eat. I am happy to follow my appetite which seems to have shrunk.
I feel so clear-headed in the morning and during the day that I have not fancied coffee and have not yet had tea (black or green). I am just on herbal or fruit tea and will see what effects there are if I go back to normal tea at some point. I have eaten a little fish but no meat yet. My husband is so impressed and I would like him to maybe come on a Platinum Healing retreat - I know you would look after him and he is very relaxed with women so would not be fazed if he was the only man. He is adjusting to a different thyroid medication so feels tired but when his levels are sorted out and he can get his head together maybe we will be in touch. An autumn retreat may be more feasible. Also I just do not want to eat sugary food and don't crave it even if I am tired. So quite a few changes have occurred.

Sarah Sullik
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I had a fabulous experience at the retreat. As a result of my attendance, I have begun to make many positive changes which have begun to instantly benefit my life.

My mom and I traveled from America to attend the retreat. Although we have many retreats in America, we felt that for us, Platinum Healing was going to provide the setting (rural English countryside), the certified staff and facilities we needed to detox and reset our mind and body. The experience did not disappoint, and accomplished for each of us more than we had hoped."

I have lost 10 pounds since the retreat started. I am continuing my weight loss through the adoption of a vegetarian/fish only diet that was my choice. I have found that my body is just not craving meat very much, and with the inclusion of supplements (iron, vitamins, etc) I feel I have more energy than ever. I am also incorporating the techniques I learned at the retreat.... to be true to my inner self and listen to myself....I am finding ways to remove stress and know that your retreat was the start of a new era in my life. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful combination -- a mind/body detox. I hope that many others get the chance to benefit from your program.

Tara Henriksen, Ph.D

I'm pleased to say I have been feeling great. I feel a very much lighter person all over. I really don't think I could have found a better retreat for my needs. All the ladies were interesting and I liked the fact that there was a diversity of ages which brought a different kind of dynamics to the group. I have to praise you and the rest of the ladies leading the programme. You all had your acts together. Thanks for all your support.

Elizabeth Madrid
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Post retreat I still feel fantastic, I have more energy and feel better and more positive than I have done in years. I am juicing every day in the morning and the odd evening, still haven't had any caffeine or alcohol and eat mainly vegetarian food. I lost 2.5 kilos on the retreat and my plan is to lose 8 more, which I feel is achievable now I have the tools and resources from the retreat. I am also training like a maniac, which I hadn't been able to do in a long while! The whole experience was wonderful and you really do have a cracking team there. Thanks again for a fantastic few days it was life changing.

Katherine Vernon
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I feel great, lighter, no headaches, no nausea, more focused. I have started to make some changes and I even did a little yoga today given I was a yoga virgin pre retreat. Small steps make big changes! Best gift I could give myself although at the time it didn't feel like it, which was probably to make me appreciate things. I wish I had done it 5years ago!

6 Months later..
I'm very well, it's coming up to 6mths since the retreat although it feels longer, wow what a completely humbling experience, I've never felt so physically or emotionally exposed, sometimes you have to break yourself down to build yourself back up, it was powerful and profound for me, it's not in the obvious sense but in the echoes of my words and actions which would never have been done or said had I not had the experience of the retreat, I am usually the social butterfly who excels in groups yet it was a truly solitude time for me which was clearly what my body and more importantly my mind needed so I couldn't hide behind others and distract myself with their lives but address the comfortableness of issues that where limiting mine.

I have promised myself that I will set aside time every year now to replenish and have the dedicated time to get to know myself more, I'm lucky I have a partner who saw the benefits the experience had on me and would encourage me to do more.

What I came for I received in sooo many ways although I still occasionally revert back to type but either I will check myself or my partner will remind me how I came back and why I went I the first place.

I'm sooo different with my family now, still caring and nurturing but not as accessible or not the cash cow anymore for my family, that was hard breaking that 15 year pattern but I used the skills I learned at the retreat as an anchor which helped immensely.
It was simply transformational in a very earthy, grounding way.

I think it is sooo important now to look after your physical and mental health as a lifestyle not as a therapy so I will no doubt undertake more in the future as we are never finished articles are we.

You and the team do an amazing job, I'm sure I will see you again on another retreat, although the detox one nearly killed me, I have a light stomach and very sensitive sense of smell so even memories of then can create a slight physical reaction in me ha ha.

Platinum Healing is the best investment I have ever done for myself, as a child growing up in a
household of domestic violence I was naturally drawn to a career of providing crisis support to
young people and families coupled with a particularly bad 10yrs where I had my only son, escaped an abusive relationship, lost my beloved brother through suicide and had had the emotional and financial responsibility for my parents essentially keeping two homes as a single mum I'd hit rock bottom emotionally and physically so I did my research and found Platinum Healing, I went for quite an intensive 4 day detox programme coupled with NLP and yoga. I felt over the 4 days I was essentially broken down and with the help, support and space at Platinum build myself up, I was a allowed for the first time in my life to address issues that had been pushed down for too long and was effecting my mood and life choices, after the 4 days I left.

feeling alive and strong and with a clarity I had never experienced before about ME and what
depletes my energy and what feeds and nourishes my body and soul.

Since then I have had the skills, confidence and understanding to change my responses and
actions that have greater impact and achieve better results rather than suppressing my feelings.

Knowledge is power and light and Platinum Healing is the best authentic, natural and
transformational gift that you can ever give yourself!

Ali Dean
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Although tough mentally and physically it is the sort of life-changing experience one should put oneself through as early as possible in order to find a path to healthy eating, healthy thinking and healthy happiness! Thank-you Platinum Healing for changing my attitude entirely to my body and life! I have passed your details to a few people already.

There came a point in my life having been through some emotionally stressful years, losing my closest family to cancer, dealing with depression and owning a successful, but stressful business that I decided I needed a Break.

Platinum Detox appealed as it was local enough for me to attend in my hectic schedule and ticked many of the boxes I was looking for. I was dealing with a confidence crisis in myself, having left behind a career as an actress and professional singer to care for my Mum and then build a business in support of my husband, I decided some time was needed for me. This selfish act (in my opinion at the time) allowed me the space to realise that the emotional turmoil I was in was a compact level of grief, guilt, feeling of failure and weight issues that had got to a point of no return. I needed the space and time to think. The expertise from

The supportive team allowed me time and facilitated new thinking not only in terms of diet, but in terms of where my life was heading and where I wanted it to be.

I still to this day refer back to my circle of goals and try to balance my life around them.

The physical detox itself completely changed my body, my skin was fresher, I lost 8lbs in 4 days (!), my tongue was like a child's tasting new flavours and feeling new textures and my internal system felt it had expelled years of toxins.

The mental detox however took longer. I was using anti-depressants prescribed by the doctor which in the last 8 months I have come off.

I use the visualisation techniques learnt on the break on a daily basis and I have returned to yoga on a regular basis. This has given me the confidence to achieve my goals.

I have this inherent feeling that now 'is my time' and I have recently successfully auditioned for RADA, my dream of being in the Royal Shakespeare Company that little bit closer!

Collette Redgraves
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Dear team at Platinum Healing

Once again, I want to extend a deep heartfelt 'Thank-you' for such an inspirational four days. I gained so much from the experience not only do I feel happier in knowing that I'm on the right path, but also that I feel much healthier and revitalized in more ways than I've ever felt before. I feel I have the strength to complete my healing and in doing so to be able to follow my dreams now that the chains of the past have been lifted. Thank-you!

As for the smoking, what smoking? 🙂 It's amazing that after having tried different things, the one smoking cessation session I had has actually worked for me. I don't even have the urge to smoke not even in situations where I'd have smoked in the past. In fact, I feel like a non-smoker! Thank-You!

From my new found energy and your inspirational input, I now incorporate yoga and meditation into my daily morning routine. I've also stuck to the cleansing drink before having a healthy breakfast of fruits and, generally ,am definitely more conscious of what goes into my mouth. I'm still drinking loads of water and aim for about 2 litres a day and my skin and body feels great. The four days was just the beginning of a more holistic life that I'm following and gave me the boost I needed to implement the changes in my physical self, I now feel my mind, body and soul are now working harmoniously together which they haven't done for a long time. Thank-you!

I'd recommend this retreat to anybody who is ready to make changes to their lives. It has aided me in further building a bond and closer relationship with me, Dina, through trust, love and acceptance of self - this is just the beginning of the rest of my life. Thank-you!

Thank-you, thank-you and may you continue the amazing work you do and be sure that I'll be back.

Dina Blanco
Inner Child Healing Retreat Package

I felt the retreat was life changing. I felt that I got in touch with a part of myself that I had I repressed long ago and for that I will always feel very grateful. I felt very safe and felt that the support was excellent. I have recommended it to everyone I virtually know. I have tried to keep up with the healthy food and tried to keep it in the day even though it has been very intense being at home. I will always remember that week.

Sara Leigh
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Many thanks for sending the photos of the group, we do all look healthy and ready for anything!

I certainly enjoyed the week and have been very pleased that the very positive thoughts I left with have stayed just as strong. I know its still early days, but I do feel a real change of attitude in myself. On the way home I stopped at M&S and bought some new clothes. Not special clothes, but just everyday clothes that make me feel good.

For so long I've been struggling into clothes that are too tight & uncomfortable, but I haven't wanted to give in & buy a size larger. I haven't felt worthy of buying something 'nice', I'm always saving that purchase for when I reach my goal, which is 2 stone away, so we're not talking a couple of weeks to achieve it. I know how ridiculous it sounds, but it's how it's been.

In my new clothes I feel good & enjoy getting ready for the day, and guess what, I carry that good feeling with me all through the day.

On the Saturday after I left you I had a compliment from a complete stranger who remarked that I was 'happy & glowing' !

I think the whole week contributed to my change, but for me, the hypnotherepy had the most impact. I feel I have a completely different attitude to food. I no longer feel the need to join Weight Watchers or Rosemary Conley etc, as I don't want that constant reminder of calories, 'bad' foods, and the complete focus on food. I now feel really happy eating whole foods and focusing on living and am starting to listen to my body for the first time in years. Thank you.

Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Package

I can not thank everyone at Platinum Healing enough for how they have changed my life around. I went at a time I was very run down, with a constant head cold, bad skin and bloated overweight feeling, as well as on going childhood trauma issues. Choosing the Inner Child package I had expected the yoga and detox would help sort out my health and as a bonus provide a little support for the ongoing work I was doing with my mental health. What I hadn't expected was to leave the retreat, reset with a new energy, new self belief and a passion for the world that I haven't felt for nearly 20 years.
Their holistic approach ensured that all aspects of my mind, body and soul were well nurtured and looked after, the constant care and attention given ensured a loving and healing environment that allowed me to bring together all of the self development work I had been doing throughout my adult life and click it all into place. I finally have foundations of self love and acceptance that I have never had before and from which I am able to bring a positive healthy attitude to all aspects of my life, from personal relationships all the way through to my work

Maybe I was lucky and went at just the right point in my life to make it such a powerful experience, but even if I had only got half as much out of the retreat it would have been well worth the money. Thanks again for providing such a unique and amazing package.

Lily Burgess
Inner Child Healing Retreat Package

If you are hesitating about investing your precious holiday time in a detox week – DON’T. This is the best thing you can do for yourself – not just for your body – but more importantly for your mind (and your body will follow anyway!). My week with Platinum Healing surpassed every expectation I had. The team are knowledgeable and professional, but also really caring and they almost intuitively get what you need. They tailored my programme to my needs – offering a perfect balance of therapies (with which I achieved some amazing results!) and the yoga in the morning was a great way to start the day. I felt like a completely different person when I left. I can’t wait to go back! Thanks for a fantastic week.

Niki (Switzerland)
Juice Detox Retreat Package

I feel great after my detox! Thank you! Food has been 'sense-ational' taste and textures have been a heightened experience and a lot healthier - still enjoying the natural sweetness of fruit and have returned to juicing at home 🙂 People have also commented on how awake I look (and have only drunk coffee once since I got back instead of my daily brew!)

Michaela (Brighton)
Juice Detox Retreat Package

The juice detox and yoga retreat was just what I needed. I began my recovery from alcohol addiction 9 months ago and my addiction transferred itself to food. Following the retreat and one session of hypnotherapy, my "emotional eating" lifted and I was able to recognise "real" hunger. I also felt reconnected to that universal source of healing and love. The team are all very gifted people who make you feel special and important.

Lin Crane
Juice Detox Retreat Package

If you’re trying to decide whether this is for you, stop thinking about it and just do it. This will be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done for yourself. That’s how it was for me.

I needed some downtime from extended travel, particularly after six months of overdoing it on fast-food in the US. And as an overweight smoker who got a rash at the first sign of exercise, I just didn’t get yoga at all. I thought it was for fit, skinny people.

For five days I immersed myself in the amazing range of complimentary treatments, the freshest juices and supplements, and an extremely a positive and calming environment and actually treated my body, mind and soul with some respect for a change.

I lost weight, stopped smoking and my skin glowed. I felt the best I have in six months. I was able to get clarity about my priorities and directions in life, and I finally ‘get’ yoga.

The accommodation was comfortable, and the location was peaceful and relaxing, with plenty of opportunity to walk and get some wonderful fresh air.

The team are professional who all have a gentle and calm approach. The amazing repertoire of complimentary therapies just works so well.

I’d recommend this retreat to anyone needing some clarity and direction in their life, some downtime from a hectic schedule or busy family, or an opportunity to get your body clean and centered.

Kelli (Australia)
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Thank you for last weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed every single element - the food, the Company, the seamless organisation, the amazing venue, the list just goes on and on. You do an amazing job, we sincerely hope to spend many more weekends with you.

Both Adam and I have never felt so relaxed and in control of our thoughts. The biggest benefit I have brought away is 'sleep', since the retreat, I have slept every single night - incredible. We are without a doubt considering the Spanish Retreat, I just need to make sure I can sort Child-care.

Johanne Holman
Director of Sales London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel Chillout Retreat - Feb 2012

I am very grateful for the experience, and must say, I learned a lot more about myself than expected. I certainly appreciate food much more, especially organic/whole food, and am very conscious of what toxins I'm possibly consuming. I also have a newly gained appreciation of "hunger" and I seem able to sustain myself between meals for much longer, and with sustained energy. Prior to the retreat, I was very conscious of my short attention span and short fuse when I felt hungry!!...... So a big thank you for helping me learn so much about myself!!!

Dr John-Paul Darby - MBBS, FRACGP
Australian Holistic GP

Thanks to your amazing counselling on my Private Healing Retreat, I have confidence and belief in myself at last. I now understand so much more as to why things have happened as they have in my life and I really believe that I will be able to live my life using my own inner strength. I feel more able to make intuitive, good decisions for myself. I didn’t think I’d be able to survive for a week without constant radio, TV, phone, laptop, mobile, books, with just a pen and a journal; but survive I did.

I have now come out of my ‘dark’ place to face the world and can look forward positively to my future. It was a bit unnerving at times, but with your help I eventually relaxed, listened, wrote and let things happen.

My mind feels clearer and calmer and you have given me the ‘tools’ to be able to change my old ways of thinking – no negatives allowed, only positives and realise that what we say today forms our future tomorrow. I already know it works.

It took a huge leap of faith for me to commit to the Retreat but, oh boy, it was worth doing!

Since returning home friends have said ‘it’s so good to see you smiling again’ ‘you look really well’ ‘don’t be a stranger like you’ve been the past year’ all sorts of lovely comments which have made me feel good.

Thank you all for your generous honesty and your wise counselling. I will never forget this life-changing experience.

I’ve learnt more in my week with you than I could have with any amount of conventional counselling for an hour a week – it could have gone on, unsuccessfully for years.

The retreat really was the perfect place for me and couldn’t have been better. It is such a wonderful idea to have a safe, self-contained haven where the mind and body can begin to heal.

Everything felt really bright and clear when I left. I felt really empowered having managed a week without anybody else to lean on or any outside influences, just total peace to think and write.

My mind was SO much clearer and I just couldn’t stop smiling inside and out. I have to say that everybody else seemed so miserable!

The actions I’ve taken so far are - I’ve signed on for the Hatha Yoga class (starts tomorrow), I’ve been practicing my yoga nasal breathing regularly and getting better at it, and am setting aside a time for yoga and meditation daily which seems to be improving already

I have discovered how easy it is just to be natural and honest about what I feel, leading by example as you said, which in turn means family and friends are honest back. So simple really.

You have a special gift of being able to know exactly what is needed and are able to communicate that so clearly - I will be eternally grateful to you.

Jan Mills
Private Healing Retreat

I can't express how much your detox retreat changed my ways. In hindsight I look back and realise I lacked in any sort of sound education on nutrition and healthy dieting though out my entire upbringing. Or maybe the information was there but I was never shown the way, just merely told how it's done, which isn't as effective.

Not only have I benefited but my boyfriend has too - who is already quite health conscious in the sense he regularly exercises and physically cares for his body. For him, learning more about a good diet in addition to exercise and the fact that it really matters what you eat, has been a real eye opener for him and we both now approach our diet entirely differently to before. Lots of vegetables, fruit, fruit & veggie juices and more healthy snacking has become more important in our diet, and our appetite for fried fatty foods, processed & fast foods has miraculously diminished!

My yoga has also been taken to another level. I love it and I feel so good when I practice it regularly. I have improved so much in as little as a couple of months and feel the benefits almost immediately, both physically and mentally.

My successful colonic detox may have been the major contributor to what REALLY persuaded me to change my ways. To actually physically see what was coming out of my body as a potential result of unhealthy dieting and malnourishment was amazing. I have not been able to stop raving about it to friends. I feel so lucky that I was able to experience this.

My whole outlook on life has also changed. I think the timing of the detox was perfect, where I was at a stage of my life where I had a lot of time to ponder on life and what really makes me happy.
All these recent changes though small but consequently life changing, I think have revolved around and resulted from attending your detox program and I am very thankful for it!

Thanks for following up on my progress. It's been great to allow me to stop and reflect a little on the last few months of life and its experiences!

Sarah Gonzales
Juice Detox Retreat Package

Just a wee note to thank you for facilitating my healing retreat last month. I really feel the benefits of the break. We certainly peeled away a few layers of issues that I was not aware of. I have found a new sense of motivation in my Yoga practice and personal development. The barriers that were blocking me have been released and I am really ready to change for the better. Brooklands was the perfect setting for the retreat and all of the treatments were truly amazing! Keep up the good work, you are all brilliant at what you do!

Una Cassidy (Ireland)
Self Healing Retreat Package

Elicia MillerPlatinum Healing combines their numerous healing modalities (Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Life Coach) to deliver a powerful personalized healing program.

PH customizes the sessions on a daily basis based on what is coming up for you in the present moment.

I was led to many deep soul healings which are detailed in my blog below

I have a new way of feeling, living and being.

The world needs more of you. Thank You!

Elicia Miller
Detox Consultant and Wellness Writer Private Healing Retreat with the Founder of Platinum Healing

Laurie HadleighI wasn’t happy with a lot of areas in my life. My diet and eating habits were appalling, I’d just come out of a ten-year relationship and I felt constantly frustrated. I cannot tell you how much this journey changed my life. It’s actually hard to put in words but here goes. I lost 8lbs in five days (which I’ve kept off) but that to me wasn’t the most important part. I felt I detoxed my brain as well as my body. My whole well being has stepped up 100% - spiritually, physically and mentally. I’ve learned not to stress as much and to take care of myself and I feel like a huge burden has been lifted. I eat differently, I live differently and I cannot thank you enough for your part in my journey.

Laurie Hadleigh
Beauty Editor – NOW Magazine - UK - Retreat Established in India by the Founder

A life-changing experience! I lost 4kg in just 6 days and it has completely changed the way I look at food. The Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions were the highlight of the week. I feel as if a huge burden has lifted from my shoulders - a burden I didn't even know I had. As well as feeling healthier, younger and more energised, I have lost the negative beliefs that were holding me back. I am confident of maintaining these benefits going forward.

Dr Sarah Brewer
Licensed Doctor | Qualified GP | Registered Nutritionist | Registered Nutritional Therapist | Media Medic | Award-Winning Health Writer

My health was at an all-time low. I was lacking in energy, had lots of digestive problems and my skin was in a terrible state. I was stressed out, run down and pretty miserable. The results after the treatments were nothing short of transformative. I lost 9lbs in weight, my problem skin cleared up and I felt full of energy and positivity. Friends and colleagues were full of compliments about how healthy I looked.

Liz Alvis
Deputy Editor – Natural Health Magazine – UK 'Retreat established in India by the Founder of Platinum Healing

Words cannot express how much last week meant to me. I knew it was going to be good but I wasn't quite prepared for how spiritually uplifting it turned out to be. I truly feel like I've got my life back.

My husband is so happy that I'm happy and feeling positive about the future and he was very complimentary about how well I look (and feel!) Thanks a million! x

Sandrae Lawrence
Journalist - Concierge / Spa Secrets / Prima Magazine 'Retreat established in India by the Founder of Platinum Healing

I must admit I’m probably a bit of a skeptic when it comes to therapies or anything really that I can’t see or touch, but you are definitely on to something because it really works. It just felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from my shoulders (as well as shifted from my hips...)! Thank you!

Georgia Pettipher
Journalist – Express - The Daily Star 'Retreat established in India by the Founder of Platinum Healing'

Journalists can be a cynical bunch and I’m no exception and I admit I was mildly skeptical. Nonetheless the proof of the pudding was that I left feeling better than I have for years.

Hypnotherapist and NLP sessions got to the root of the attitudes I had developed towards diet and nutrition plus general lifestyle issues.

I find myself not even caring if I’m lighter or not afterwards! For me, the overriding emotion was euphoria at how energised and healthy I feel plus how I intend to take everything I have learned into the real world.

It’s a bonus that I shifted a considerable amount of weight but I feel enlightened in many ways.

I can't remember the last time I had so much energy so thank you all for being so bloody inspiring!

I have been to the gym every working day since I left and can mostly be found hanging about health shops these days. I'm entirely committed in my new approach to diet and exercise. Lots of Love and thank you!

Leigh Mytton
Metro Magazine - 'Retreat established in India by the Founder of Platinum Healing'

What really stood out was the life changing experiences people had in their Hypnotherapy sessions.Laurie Hadleigh Beauty Editor of NOW Magazine said to me that her Hypnotherapy session was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to her - Praise indeed!

Simon Rayner
Managing Director - Essence Communications 'Retreat established in India by the Founder of Platinum Healing'

Smoking 40 cigarettes a day and having smoked since the age of 13 years I really thought there was no hope for me.

I’d tried everything from patches, inhalers, will power, books and even hypnosis tapes but after many failed attempts I became very desperate. It was either quit smoking or watch myself deteriorate rapidly!

I contacted Platinum Healing who were recommended to me by my daughter in law.

After just one session I felt completely different! Like I had a completely new mind! I couldn’t believe it could be that easy!

During the session we also tackled my low self esteem and found the cause of this, which was from being bullied when I was in secondary school.

The great thing is that since becoming a non smoker I have also lost over 11lb in weight without even trying!

I understand now that the emotional pain that I had inside from being bullied at school was what had kept me so hooked on cigarettes. It was also the cause of my comfort eating at night which has stopped completely.

I really wish I had come to you sooner!

Thank you from the depths of my being.

Teresa Hamilton
Surrey – Ex Smoker since December 2009

The consultation and therapy sessions gave me the tools to address the aspects of my life that I needed to change. Now that I am aware of the issues that I had no idea were affecting me, I am on the road to being physically and mentally healthier than I have ever been. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to get my life back on track. It’s not been easy, but I know that I can always come back to you for the support when I need it, but eventually, I know I won’t need to. Thank you so much.

Rita Hamilton

Evie was my first child and I was lucky enough to have been recommended to Platinum Healing who explained to me all about the benefits of hypnotherapy and how it can be used in birthing.

I experienced a very relaxed, happy pregnancy with absolutely no problems or niggles at all, at any point. I started having hypnosis at around 16 weeks and during our sessions we worked on the fears I had with regards to pregnancy and childbirth. In particular births I had seen on TV! Screaming mothers apparently in serious pain and then saying things like 'I would never do it again' once the baby had been born. The picture I had in my head was anything but rosy but I have always believed things are what you think they are and perceive them to be so I believed that if I really believed mine would be totally different, calm and controlled it would be. Hence using Hypnotherapy!

During my hypnotherapy sessions we also worked on the actual birth, visualizing how I wanted it to go, how my waters would break first so I could prepare myself for the imminent, how long it would be from start to finish, the fact that I would need no pain relief, no stitching and of course that the baby (Evie) would be totally healthy and beautiful. We then went into how I wanted Evie to be once she was with us. Good at feeding, good at sleeping, happy nature etc. Lastly when I wanted her to be born! My due date was the 28th October 2008 and I wanted her to be a two weeks early so there was no waiting around and risk of being induced.

When birth day came, exactly 13 days early, starting exactly 14 days early. I could hardly believe it! My waters broke whilst I was having a routine check at the hospital and sure enough once checked by a midwife they confirmed baby was coming. We calmly went home to get my hospital bag etc because they said with my first I could potentially have hours until the baby actually came. By the time we had got home my contractions had started and we had to head straight back to the hospital. On arriving at the hospital I was having steady four minutes apart contractions and felt totally in control. I was talking to my partner and the midwife normally and the rest of the time I had my Ipod in and was in my own little world working on the things we had done in our sessions together.

I had planned to get in the birthing pool but unfortunately there were not enough midwives on and too many of us in labour, so my birthing plan had to change. Under normal circumstances I think this would have affected someone who had a plan and was told they couldn't do it now but in hypnosis we had worked on being in control whatever the circumstances of the labour and birth and it did not affect me at all.

I gave birth to Evie at 02:12 on the 16th October after just eight hours from the very start, when my waters broke. For a first child with no interference I'm told this is extremely good. My midwife and another member of hospital staff commented on how amazing I was how quick, how quiet and I had lots of people asking me questions about hypnotherapy and later referred many expecting mothers to Platinum Healing.

As for Evie, she has a fantastic nature, happy, outgoing, chilled and she is beautiful. She has slept well from the word go and I had no trouble breast feeding her right from the off. She is very switched on and is about to start Play Group in January where I can see she will excel.

Thank you. You made my experience a truly memorable one!

Philomena Steer
Horsham – West Sussex

I was a guest and a volunteer at a Retreat Centre in Thailand.

Part of the programme that I attended involved various therapy sessions.

These included;
3 day silent meditation retreat
Goal setting/manifestation
Sacred breath work

I felt supported during some difficult times. I was also taught Indian Head Massage and Ayurvedic Oil Massage, both valuable skills that I have taken away with me and used at home.

I returned home after my stay feeling calmer and more empowered and much more able to deal with my everyday stresses.

Sharon McLean
New Zealand

Your treatments and the time you spent with me, though brief, helped to set me on a positive path to health. I am convinced that I have now opened up new possibilities for me in not only facing illness but making a plan for the next chapter of life. Thank you.

Mark Ubsdell
Private Healing Retreat Package

I was a little apprehensive about the Yoga and Juice detox retreat, having never done anything like this before. However, on arrival I was immediately put at ease by meeting the team and my friendly fellow 'detoxers'. The accommodation is excellent and very homely, I enjoyed feeling as though you could completely relax, have your own space but also mingle and chat if you so wished. The team are an inspiration, she is brilliant yoga and meditation teacher, providing helpful and individual attention to each of us. The hypnotherapy sessions I had with her have been life changing. I also really enjoyed the extremely thought provoking life coaching session and have in fact followed up and used the advice more in my day to day life. I will definitely be returning. The weekend was a perfect kick start to a healthier life in both mind and body.

Hertfordshire - Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

Nora's Thoughts simply wouldn't be the happy and snugly business you see before you, if it hadn't been for the lovely team at Platinum Healing (and their ability to help you stop and smell the fresh pineapple!)

Fiona Pembroke
Noras Thoughts

I quickly lost that awful bloated feeling, and had a clearer head than I can ever remember. My skin pepped up, and though weight loss wasn't my motivation for the retreat, I was interested to see that I lost 8lbs over the week, and have kept most of it off to date. Alongside the detox, I opted for several treatments - including a 'mind' session, which turned out to be a huge turning point for me, as she helped me to realise where my life had stumbled a little, and how to gently set it back on track without resorting to my usual crutches. Daily yoga and meditation, a nutrition session, and some relaxing 'body' sessions rounded off my retreat wonderfully. And my word, what a difference!

Chocolate and coke have been swapped to treats rather than mainstays, I've discovered a genuine love of water instead of coke or tea, and food has become so much more interesting and fun.

I am still feeling wonderful! So many comments from people about how much happier and healthier I look in myself - and I feel it too. Still grinning inanely throughout the day, and have a much better grip on what happens next.

And it's a measure of how effective the retreat was, that I came home to some challenges and sailed through them with a smile on my face and a calm 'this too shall pass' attitude. Have continued taking time to myself just to sit and be 'centred' - no book, no knitting, just me and the world...wonderful.

Moreover, I'm so much lighter in myself these days - and am smiling almost all the time for no other reason than I can. Though I still have lots to sort in my life, I rather suspect that the way I'm feeling these days is darn close to contentment.

I appreciate that I may be doing most of the work these days, but it has to be said that you and your team are the most amazing foundation builders!

I can't thank the team at Platinum Healing enough for the crucial part they played it getting me here. I'm already planning a return!

Fiona Pembroke
Business Owner – Essex

Before my Hypnotherapy session I could not imagine eating any type of vegetable. Since my session I am now happy to try any type of vegetable and many other foods that before I would not have attempted in the past 30 years. My session left me feeling the most confident I have ever been and my habits have changed so much for the better. Making my appointment was the best decision I have made in a very long time. I would not hesitate to recommend Platinum Healing, especially if someone has the exact same problem that I did.