Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling and Coaching

Relationship Counselling relates to your relationship with the world as well as the people in your life. If you are having trouble finding the perfect relationship or difficulty maintaining one, together we can uncover these obstacles and find ways to overcome them to create a more happy and loving relationship with others.

Relationship Counselling can be done on an individual basis or together as a couple. It provides the right environment and guidance and helps you to produce greater results in any relationship.

It is designed for individuals and couples who want to improve their communication skills adjust to any type of change in the relationship, even possibly restore intimacy and passion.

During the session you will be provided with a very safe environment where you can be completely honest with the therapist or your partner leading to a deeper and more loving connection with greater respect and sensitivity for each other’s feelings, needs and opinions as well as your own.

Benefits of Relationship Counselling include:

* Greater happiness and contentment in your relationships
* Feel more love and connection and reach a new level of intimacy
* Find balance in learning to give and receive unconditionally
* More honesty and greater levels of truth in your relationship
* Increased compassion for others – seeing beyond their fears and many masks
* Being consciously aware and expressing what you really want

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