• Green Up Your Act!

    So you’ve cleaned up your diet in true January style, but what about your beauty regime? It’s just as important to be chemical-free inside as out, so you may want to have a closer look in your bathroom cabinet to check your current self-care products are serving you as well as your nutritional regime. As Continue reading »

  • Can An Inner Child Healing Retreat Help Me Move Forward?

    Can An Inner Child Healing Retreat Help Me Move Forward? Even when our childhood is firmly in the past, traumatic experiences encountered at the time can still impact our everyday lives as adults in a very damaging way. Often it can result in an internal conflict and that can have a profound impact our present-day Continue reading »

  • So you think you’re toxin free?

    I recently had the pleasure of attending a Detoxification and Toxicity seminar by Dr J Pizzorno where we discussed all kinds of toxins in depth. The three main categories being: 1) Exogenous toxins: metals/chemicals/particulate matter/moulds/microbial and radiation 2) Endogenous toxins: gut-derived toxins/non-end product metabolites/poorly detoxified hormones and catecholamines 3) Toxins of choice: alcohol/food constituents/high fructose Continue reading »

  • Why a Juice Detox Retreat to Enhance Fertility?

    Why a Juice Detox Retreat to Enhance Fertility? Having a baby is considered one of the most natural things in life, but for many couples conception doesn’t come easy. Problems with fertility usually occur as a result of an imbalance in our physical, physiological or psychological systems. This can be due to a whole host Continue reading »

  • Why Rebounding is Beneficial for Detoxification

    Why Rebounding is Beneficial for Detoxification One of our favorite forms of exercise to enhance the effects of our Juice Detox Retreat is rebounding on a mini-trampoline. The body really needs to move.  It was designed to move! The lymphatic system is responsible for cleansing every cell in the body, carrying fresh nutrients to the cells Continue reading »

  • Juicing for Healthy Skin From Within

    Juicing for Healthy Skin From Within Whether you want to kick start a new regime for general wellbeing, rid yourself of a negative habit, or you suffer from a skin disorder such as acne, eczema or psoriasis a juice detox retreat is one of the quickest and most effective ways to make these positive changes Continue reading »

  • Juicing for Better Health

    A review of a Platinum Healing Retreat by Jayne Freer – Journalist from the WMN After months of feeling sluggish and watching my waistline gain a life of its own, it was time to take action – and fast. Despite daily dog walks and the occasional run, late-night TV dinners washed down with a glass Continue reading »

  • Ditch the coffee and go ‘green’ for the alternative energy boost

    For a longer lasting, energy booster try Platinum Healing’s Green Juice and Smoothie. Instead of grabbing that double espresso first thing or reaching for a latte to keep you awake all afternoon, why not actively rehydrate your body instead with a nutrient-rich, energy-boosting green juice or smoothie? Juicing vegetables high in iron and B vitamins such Continue reading »