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Now you all know that the key to a healthy life is to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, exercise, get 8 hours of sleep every night, don’t get too stressed, as well as to always be kind, patient and loving to everyone around you. Finding the time with busy schedules to reach this level of perfection can often feel too overwhelming and out of reach, so most give up completely or don’t even try and just get on with it, even if getting on with it feels painful or less than satisfactory.

There’s no doubt that improving our physical and mental well-being has a positive effect not only on our own well-being but on everyone around us.  There’s also no need to be intimidated by the idea of a healthier lifestyle. Making just a few small changes can lead to BIG results and increased motivation to continue!

Here are my tips to make living a healthy life more manageable AND enjoyable!

Create A Clear Vision of Your Health

Do you have a vision of what optimum health would look like to you? Telling yourself things like ‘I need to get fit’ or ‘I must eat a healthier diet’ is demotivating and isn’t enough to make a change.  It’s too vague for the mind to comprehend or even start to consider making any changes so we get stuck.  It’s essential for you to know exactly what ‘being fit’ or a ‘healthy diet’ looks like to you and then set specific goals around this vision.  Examples include ‘I will run on a treadmill for 30 minutes without stopping by the end of this month, or I will join a gym by Friday of next week.  Be very specific and include a timeframe or a deadline. Also, write your goals down.  In a study conducted by USA today, it was found that writing down your goals increased your chance of success by a whopping 1110%! Yes, that figure is correct! (Statistic is taken from a Jack Canfield coaching seminar I attended in 2016 in Miami).

Plan for Optimum Health

How many of you document your client meetings and work tasks in your diary but fail to plan and schedule your time for exercise, meditation, rest, healthy meal planning and even things like simply drinking enough water.  Planning is an essential tool for health and fitness success not just for your work and social affairs.  Also, weekly planning and prioritising your health and fitness before scheduling anything else not only shows that you value yourself but you are making that commitment to yourself on paper again which will boost your chances of success as well as your overall self-esteem!

Just Breathe

Breathing is essential to life but how many of you are conscious of your breath?  We can survive for days without food or water but we cannot survive more than a few minutes without oxygen. Taking a conscious deep breath has an immediate effect on our mind and body as well as our stress levels by turning on the parasympathetic nervous system (the system responsible for rest and digest).  So, deep diaphragmatic breathing (breathing deep into our bellies) also has a positive impact on our digestion.  Breathing enhances physical and mental performance and specific exercises are used widely for pain reduction, weight management, addiction and even in cases of mental illness.

Daydream, It’s Good for You.

Research repeatedly highlights the benefits of meditation yet many people get discouraged by their frequently busy head (commonly known as the monkey mind) or inability to sit cross legged for hours.  You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need to be a yogi master to meditate.  There are some very simple ways to get yourself into what is known as the Alpha brain wave state or wakeful relaxation, even while you’re standing in the shopping line (buying kale or any green veggies of course)!  One of them is to daydream.  You can even visualise yourself reaching your specific optimum health goals at the same time!  Many great achievers were daydreamers such as Einstein and Newton and many ‘Aha’ moments were achieved in the state of Alpha.  Listening to soothing relaxing music can also help you reach this state of relaxed awareness as well as using meditative essentials oils such as Frankincense, either in an oil burner or massage a few drops into your feet in a carrier oil, such as almond or grapeseed.

Detox Your Life

Cleansing the body has been around for century’s and practiced in most cultures.  However, its essential to find ways to ‘detox’ your entire world not just your physical body.  What do you need to eliminate from your life right now? Are there emotions that need to be released? Limiting beliefs that hold you back from living a healthy life? What about the people in your life? People can also be toxic and drain our energy.  How clear is your physical environment?  What do you need to give away or sell?  Detox your world and create space for new ideas, feelings and opportunities.

Get Grounded

How fabulous does it feel to take off your shoes and walk bare foot in the grass or sand? Instinctively we do this and wonder why it feels so good.  Studies now reveal that what you are doing is known as earthing or grounding.  A point in Chinese medicine known as the K1 or Kidney 1 located on the balls of the feet is the most potent point for connecting you to the earth’s energy.  This point is also connected to all other meridians or energy pathways in the body.  Now that we all wear rubber sole shoes we have slowly disconnected ourselves from the earth vital and healing energy and this can influence our overall health and well-being.  So, kick off your shoes and get connected every day!

Start the Day the Right Way

Early morning is essentially the greatest time to assist the body with the removal of toxins.  A great way to do this is by offering yourself a cleansing drink.  My morning drink consists of hot water, raw honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar, fresh turmeric and fresh ginger.  This warming beverage will not only help to cleanse the liver and stimulate the digestive system but has a whole host of other health benefits too.  The apple cider vinegar will naturally help to balance blood sugars and the body’s pH levels as well as curb sugar cravings.  Lemon boosts metabolism and strengthens immunity with its high vitamin C content.  Raw honey is packed full of enzymes which also aid in the digestive process.  Finally, turmeric – the wonder root with its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties as well as being energising makes this energising cleansing drink a wonderful alternative to that double espresso!

Aid Relaxation

Magnesium is present in every single cell in the body.  It’s also involved in more than 300 reactions that regulate the overall health of the body. Using magnesium oil alone when applied topically can instantly relax tense muscles.  When combined with a few drops of essential oil such as lavender and/or chamomile to relieve insomnia, migraine headaches, stress, indigestion, depression, anxiety and muscle pain.

I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog and can implement some of my tips!

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