Why a Juice Detox Retreat to Enhance Fertility?

Why a Juice Detox Retreat to Enhance Fertility?

Fertility Detox Retreat

Having a baby is considered one of the most natural things in life, but for many couples conception doesn’t come easy.

Problems with fertility usually occur as a result of an imbalance in our physical, physiological or psychological systems. This can be due to a whole host of internal and external factors, from the food we eat and lifestyle choices we make, to subconscious blocks we don’t even realise exist.

Ensuring your body is at its best before trying to conceive is extremely important. The Platinum Fertility Retreat is for couples and individuals looking for a holistic approach to enhancing fertility and includes a Juice Detox Program.

Coming to us for a juice detox retreat to enhance fertility will help you deal with the impact of infertility and help address the possible causes through comprehensive cellular detoxification, holistic healing, awareness and education.

It may be that you want prepare your body and mind for conception and childbirth, or rid yourself of old physical, psychological and emotional toxins.

Or perhaps you are at the early stages of fertility-related issues and require help, guidance or support? Maybe you are about to commence with treatment or have already gone through IVF with no success?

The Fertility Retreat incorporates our signature intensive juice detox programme as well as up to three daily yoga classes, daily meditation, relaxation or visualisation sessions, and daily Pranayama.

You will also have  a hypnotherapy for fertility session, Naturopathy or Herbal Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coaching, as well as on-going post-retreat support and guidance from our team of naturopaths, nutritional therapists, medical herbalists, hypnotherapists, coaches and instructors.

Being unable to conceive can affect all areas of your life including work, family, relationships and general health.

A whole raft of issues can trigger problems with fertility, whether they are physical, psychological or emotional.

Our ability to deal with external stresses, fears and anxiety about childbirth or parenthood, negative beliefs and negative self-talk, repressed emotions, unconscious blocks, sleep problems and depression, can all hamper our ability to fall pregnant. Not only that but the extent of these psychological factors usually increase when there are fertility problems present, thus creating a very vicious cycle.

Past traumas and unhealed or unresolved cellular memories create imbalances and affect our wellbeing and chances of conception.

Previous relationship issues, infidelity, miscarriages and terminations, fears about pregnancy, childbirth, needles and hospitals can also impact on a subconscious level.

Issues with conception often can trigger feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, hopelessness, guilt, frustration, anger and even jealousy.

In addition, modern day society exposes us to a whole raft of toxins that can disrupt our body’s natural processes. Pesticides are produced with the sole purpose of destroying life, so it is it any wonder they are closely linked to fertility problems? Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium and lead are known to cause cellular disruption and raise acidity levels in the body, compromising nutrition and impacting fertility.

There are also chemicals in a range of every-day household products from solvent-based paints, preservatives in carpets and cleaning products.

A Juice Detox Retreat to enhance fertility is a great way to prepare yourself in mind, body and soul for the path ahead.

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