Life Coach

Life Coach

Life Coach

Cara – BA (Hons)

Cara is Platinum Healing’s vastly experienced Life Coach, Executive Coach and Group Facilitator with a real passion for facilitating positive behavioural changes.

Her approach is one that allows each individual to identify their own goals and choose the best approach to aid their development, rather than being directive.  Cara will support you in becoming aware of, and making changes to, any negative barriers you may have developed in relation to your well-being.  Being naturally curious by how our thoughts can drive us forward or hold us back, Cara has developed very effective strategies to encourage habit change and motivation.

Cara’s Professional Memberships:

Executive Coach for TWP – behavioural change specialists

Associate Member of the Association for Coaching

Community Member of The Coaching Academy

Member of the Brighton Coaching Exchange

Creator of the APT Coaching model

What is a Life Coach?

At a very basic level Life Coaching is all about setting aside time where you will be guided to really listen to your own thoughts, organise them, analyse them, and decide upon your future actions. One of the most effective coaching tools is often to have what you are describing summarised back to you, this allows you to hear your story without the blinkers of the inevitable attached emotions that we all carry with us.

You are the focus in coaching, and it is all completely confidential and non-judgemental. The questioning techniques and exercises will draw out your own creative answers and so you will have complete ownership of your solution. There is no advice or instruction in non-directive coaching but, with the client’s permission, Cara may offer suggestions to aid the creative solution finding. The process is completely future-focused and solution-focused, past events are recognised but not analysed in great depth.

Coaching is an active experience for the client, not passive. It will enable and support you to recognise whatever is stopping you from making those positive changes to your life. Coaching will facilitate you in overcoming the blocks and working towards your goals.  Cara will use techniques such as focused listening, appropriate silence (not ‘butting in’ when you have finished speaking allows your mind to open up), exercises to adjust perspective or break habitual thoughts, questioning techniques, creative methods to draw out solutions and ways forward to overcoming barriers.

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