Reconnective Healing

Spiritual Coach Platinum Healing

Naima is a Level III Reconnective Healing Practitioner, a certified Energy4Life wellness Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner and a Certified Level 4 Positive  Parenting Practitioner.

Naima’s continuous personal and spiritual development led her to unfold her medium skills and the ability to give energy activations helping her clients to unfold their own spiritual gifts and embrace their Divine or Life Purpose.

Naima assists retreat guests with their unique personal transformation through a 90 minute session where you receive Energy Healing, eyes closed and sitting in a relaxed position,an Aura clearing through 2 powerful prayers which bring instant release for most people and then an in-depth spiritual coaching where limitations, traumas and anything holding you back is identified and cleared permanently.

Your life will shift to new levels of emotional and spiritual awareness effortlessly as a consequence of having a session with Naima.

All work is done without physical contact and respecting the client’s willingness to grow.

Naima also offers Spiritual Coaching on retreats. A process by which blocked energies and trauma are identified and released within a safe space. Clients experience deep blocked energy releases as well as connecting or deepening with their spiritual dimension.

Naima’s working approach is laser focused yet compassionate. You experience breakthroughs with each session. Naima’s approach is for people seeking fast lasting positive results.

Recent Testimonial:

‘I was lucky enough to cross paths with Naima on a Platinum Healing retreat. At the time I was at a very low ebb emotionally and physically – I had no energy or motivation to do anything and, looking back, I realise that I had been in this state for years. One 90 minute session with Naima was life changing. I can only describe it as ‘being brought back to life’! After the session I felt at peace with myself and the world for the first time in years and I felt a deep spiritual connection. It was as though I had been reawakened to the world and I felt an energy and excitement to living again. Naima is a very special person and an extremely talented spiritual coach. I feel very fortunate and privileged to have met her and worked with her.’  Natasha Todd

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