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If grappling with the daily rigours of life is getting you down and you want to tackle the problem from the roots up, take a look at Platinum Healing.
This is a serious detox retreat that can help you tackle difficult life issues. But don’t expect deprivation and army officers shouting at you to run up a mountain. This is all about positivity and healing.

And while juicing is at the core of it and colonic irrigations may be involved, those who’ve been through it swear that a retreat with Platinum Healing is one of the most fantastic things they’ve ever done.

Who goes to Platinum Healing? Normal people, people like you and me…they’re not people who consider a carrot stick to constitute a substantial meal or regard caffeine or alcohol as a deadly toxin to be avoided at all costs.

They’re regular types, mothers dealing with the daily stresses of children and work and husbands; or men facing a mid life crisis; or those wanting to lose weight or get fit or give up smoking or drinking or get their life out of a rut.

Types like our friend, in fact, who has four children and who has recently been spotted bouncing along on the school run with a gleam in her eye and an extremely flat tummy, thanks to her juice and yoga retreat with Platinum Healing.

Platinum Healing runs retreats in two locations, one in West Sussex and and the other in Majorca. These range in length and focus from a chillout weekend to a healing retreat of four days.

Both retreat locations are luxurious (double beds, crisp white sheets, ensuite bathrooms, swimming pools, grounds to explore) and the therapies on offer are wide ranging and powerful.

All retreats incorporate juicing, in the belief that giving the digestive system a break from solid food allows it to heal and rebalance.

What about the treatments? Platinum Healing have a team of extremely serious well qualified therapists offering herbal medicine, NLP, Life Coaching, counselling, past life regression and hypnotherapy, as well as a huge range of physical treatments such as Reiki, reflexology, yoga and meditation.

“The feeling overall is one of positivity, not deprivation”, writes our friend, just back from a Juice and Yoga Detox retreat in West Sussex. “You’re not locked in a complex in a fluffy white dressing gown at risk of starting to feel like an inmate, as is the case with some health spas. Platinum Healing does the opposite – it tells you what’s going on nearby – which in the case of West Sussex is gorgeous sandy beaches and what could be more healing than a walk by the sea? And you don’t have to do anything. It’s not a boot camp. It’s here to help you resolve your issues and feel well again, not shout at you to run up a mountain.”

One person apparently arrived on the Monday morning, slept for four days, got up on the Friday and left, swearing he’d never felt better. “At Platinum Healing it is your retreat – you’re not going to get told off or bullied for doing it ‘wrong’. It’s a space for you to find out about yourself, and heal whatever it is that you need to heal,” said our friend.

Sounds like just the place to reboot.

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