Article- Detox Your Mind

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Kate Tyler – Founder of Platinum Healing

30 Simple Steps to Cleanse Your Mind

Our Article Featured in Om Yoga Magazine

1) Say and think positive uplifting statements about yourself and others. You become what you think!

2) Avoid negative people as much as possible… make sure you’re not one of them!

3) Associate yourself with positive people. Send ‘love to’ and have ‘compassion for’ those who are not.

4) Use and think positive words that resonate on a higher frequency such as love, bliss joy and serenity.

5) Avoid using and thinking negative words such as bad, terrible and awful.

6) Avoid phrases such as “I should” or “I shouldn’t” or “I’ll try” or “I hope”. These will lend you to a negative way of thinking and ‘block’ the possibilities of achievement. Instead use and believe “I can” and “I will”.

7) Learn Yoga. Yoga creates balance and exercises the right hemisphere of the brain which reduces stress.

8) Spring clean your home. Give away anything you don’t need. This creates new energy and clears the mind.

9) Toxic emotions are damaging to the mind i.e. anger, resentment, guilt and jealousy. Let them go!

10) Stop being a VICTIM and learn to forgive yourself and others. Letting go of the past is wonderfully cleansing.

11) Take some time out every day to completely relax both mind and body. Just you, alone, at one with nature…

12) DO your ‘to do’ lists. Procrastination depletes your energy and clutters the mind.

13) Eat a balanced diet rich in EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which are vital for optimum mind function.

14) Master the headstand which increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the brain.

15) Keep the mind hydrated. Water is essential for optimum brain function. The purer the water the better.

16) Conscientiously decide to breathe correctly and deeply everyday. The mind needs oxygen too!

17) Learn to say NO without feeling guilt. Guilt is very destructive to both the mind as well as the body.

18) APPRECIATE NATURE. The sky, the trees, a sunset, the ocean. The natural world is deeply cleansing.

19) Turn a problem into a challenge. Seeing an opportunity in every challenge enhances spiritual growth.

20) ALWAYS trust your subconscious mind. The conscious mind has a limited capacity. The power of your subconscious is limitless! Learn the wonderful art of Self Hypnosis.

21) ALWAYS focus on your strengths and NOT your weaknesses!

22) Music transforms the mind. Music will transform ANY situation. When you sing, chant or play beautiful music it WILL transform your energy!

23) Bring ‘perspective’ to any challenging situation. ALWAYS find the silver lining or hidden advantages in those situations!

24) Stop comparing yourself to others. This clouds the mind and creates negative energy in the body.

25) Create a list of dreams and goals and everyday make them real by taking action (big or small).

26) Know that people who achieve their goals do so with planning, passion, persistence and self belief.

27) Know that YOUR goals should always be SMART Goals!

Specific (you have a much greater chance of achieving your goals if they are specific)
Measurable (establish the criteria for measuring your progress)
Achievable (do you believe that you can achieve this goal with the resources at hand)?
Realistic (check if your goal is realistic within your given time constraint and availability of those resources)
Time Constraint (always ground your goal within a realistic time frame)

28) Buy yourself a journal and write about your feelings and thoughts daily. Journaling is cleansing for the mind.

29) Write a gratitude list of things that you ‘have’ and that you ‘love’. This WILL transform your energy instantly.

30) Book yourself onto a retreat with Kate and her team to transform body and mind.

“A person who embarks on a thousand mile journey must take the first step”.

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