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Platinum Healing UK Fertility Detox Retreat

Fertility Retreat

‘One of the Best Detox Retreats in the World’ – Telegraph

Pre Conception Optimisation

The Fertility Detox Retreat incorporates our signature comprehensive physical, psychological and emotional Juice Detox Retreat Program, with Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, 2-3 Daily Yoga Classes to choose from, Daily Meditation, Relaxation or Visualisation Sessions, Daily Pranayama, plus on-going post retreat support and guidance from our team of Naturopaths, Nutritional Therapists, Medical Herbalists, Hypnotherapists, Chinese Medicine experts, Coaches, Instructors and Fertility experts.

The Retreat also incorporates Hypnotherapy for Fertility – a mind body approach which acknowledges the importance of working with fertility in a holistic way.

According to the HFEA, it is estimated that one in seven UK couples have difficulty conceiving –approximately 3.5 million people.

Fertility problems usually occur when our physical, physiological or psychological systems are out of balance; with each individual factor affecting the other. Imbalances can be caused by a number of internal and external factors including lifestyle and even subconscious blocks that we may be completely unaware of.

Our modern industrialised world exposes us to a host of chemicals that disrupt the natural processes of the body. We are commonly exposed to pesticides in foods and in the air that we breathe. Pesticides are produced with the sole purpose of destroying life. It’s no wonder they are closely linked to fertility problems.

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