Sussex Retreat Photos



I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful experience during my stay. I have made many changes since returning home, I am decluttering every room in the house, even the shed! I am cleansing the house and each day I feel more in control of my life. I have filed paperwork which has been left lying around the house for years, but now has a file! Health wise I feel fantastic, people are commenting on how well I look and especially how bright the white of my eyes is. I am full of positivity and looking forward to the future. I shall visit the retreat again, once again Thank You for such a great stay.

Michelle Owen – Juice Detox Retreat


Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed my time at Platinum Health. All the staff were fantastic and as a group we all hit if off really well.  I came home 6lbs lighter which I know was really a side effect of the detox, but much more importantly my blood pressure was 122/68, the lowest it’s been for 8 years and I felt great. I have cut my drinking down, which has had a knock on effect on my husbands drinking as well. I proved to myself I did not need to drink wine every night, just a stupid habit. In fact I have re-evaluated a lot of things with all the advice we were given to live a healthier life style. Thanks again to all of you for being so nice and I must tell you that. With my very best wishes

Sarah Heaver – Juice Detox Retreat