Nutritional Therapy

What is Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy?

Naturopathic Nutrition is a healthcare system which encourages the body’s natural self-healing to flourish using an eclectic approach. Naturopathy nutrition uses mainly foods, supplements (when needed) and natural techniques to support the healing process.

Naturopathic Nutrition principles:AdobeStock_52732756

• Nutritionists will not use surgery, strong chemical medicines with strong side effects.
• Treat the root of a disease/imbalance and not the symptoms
• Treat the person not the disease
• Each individual is unique and responds in a different way
• Prevention is preferable then cure
• Work with nature cycles and use the healing power of nature
• A Nutritionist is an educator/teacher empowering the patient to take responsibility for his/her own health

Platinum’s Unique Approach.

We work very closely with the philosophy of the cell: we are made of about 70 trillion cells. Each cell is like a mini human being: it has a physical structure, a mind and a spirit. Each and everyone one of these cells needs water, EFAs and a mainly alkaline environment to thrive better. Now, the way we think and the way and what we eat affects this environment. “95% of our genes are activated by the environment not by the genetics.” Dr. Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics Scientist.

Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are the main killer diseases in USA and UK. These diseases manifest mainly as a result of too much acidity in the body. These diseases and many others can be preventable through diet. Our diet can heal repair and correct the body!

What to expect in a consultation?

In an initial in depth 90 minute consultation, we will gather information: ask you questions about your lifestyle, diet, family history, emotional needs and any symptoms you experienced in the past and present moment. We will discuss concerns you would like us to support you with. We will then help you understand your current health picture and at last, we will deliver a treatment plan customized to suit your personal needs. Our aim is to find out what you would like to achieve post detox, to provide you with tools and guidance which will support your journey to better health and longevity.

Employing the Functional Medicine model, Rachel practices evidence-based Nutritional Therapy at Platinum Healing, drawing upon the latest nutrition science whilst recognizing that each and every client is biochemically unique.

Who may benefit from Naturopathy Nutrition?

People with all types of symptoms like headaches, low energy, depression, skin disorders, digestive issues and any acute or chronic disease. Emotional or mental imbalances.
Those who want to lose weight or manage weight
Those who want more understanding of their own body

Please contact us for a full PDF Treatment Menu which contains all current prices, any special offers and further information.