DNA Sport

DNA SportDNA Sport provides insight to the potential for sporting performance and trainability, optimal exercise selection, recovery strategies, injury potential, and exercise for weight management. The test is suitable for the elite performance athlete as well as the recreational athlete looking to maximise his or her training results and reach peak levels of conditioning.

The profile tests for genes in three categories that relate to sporting performance: 1) Power and Endurance; 2) Tendon Pathology; and 3) Recovery. Genes have now been coded and studied that can tell an athlete or their coach whether they should be training towards a power or an endurance sport, how quickly they are likely to recover from training sessions, and their genetic susceptibility for tendon and other soft tissue injuries. DNA Sport utilises these genes and the information they contain to offer a quantitative assessment of the athletes’ physiological disposition towards certain activities.

  • The Power and Endurance section tests genes that code for physiological factors such as circulation, blood pressure control, strength, cardio-pulmonary capacity, mitochondrial synthesis, muscle fibre type specialisation, muscle fibre hypertrophy, cardiac output, muscle metabolism and adaptability to training regimes.
  • The Tendon Pathology section examines genes that are involved in the structural integrity of soft tissues in the body. Certain polymorphisms implicate predisposition to tendon injuries (including Achilles Tendonitis), plus ligament, cartilage and bone pathology.
  • The Recovery genes are the best example within this genetic panel of the need to integrate training and nutritional advice when supporting an athlete’s health and fitness. The featured genes consider disposition to inflammation and free radical stress within the body, which may imply the need for more focused nutritional support, along with extended recoveries between training repetitions and sessions.

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Please note the turnaround time for this test is usually 21 days.

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