Medical Herbalist

Medical Herbalist and Naturopath 

Medical Herbalist


Rachel graduated from the College in 2006 and has been solidly practising ever since. Her interest in naturopathy and herbal medicine began in the Australian outback when a tour guide made her eat a honey-tasting thistle to cure her sore throat which helped sooth it but more importantly, planted a powerful seed of thought. The realisation that one of the oldest indigenous peoples on the planet, would, of course, use the plants growing wild all around them as their primary source of medicine out of geographical necessity was an epiphany. People could survive and thrive without a GP on their doorstep! I was half way there.

The desire to train as a Naturopath and herbalist came a month or so later when I met one in Melbourne. When I asked what one was, she described it as ‘Nature is the only healer. The job of a Naturopath is to create ideal conditions for this to take place’. This summarised all I had ever felt and knew to be true about vibrant, long-term health. I promptly returned to the UK and began my 3 years of training in both Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

Rachel provides individual consultations to guests at Platinum Healing Retreats, as well as conducting educational talks on juicing, detoxification, nutrition and natural healing principles.


What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine involves using plant based medicines to address illnesses and help restore health. It has been used successfully for centuries and this knowledge has been refined through generations. Herbal medicine is increasingly becoming validated by pharmacological and biochemical scientific research. For example, a systematic review of the scientific evidence has indicated that St. Johns Wort extract; Hypericum perforatum, might be as effective as standard anti-depressants and has fewer side effects. (Linde et al., 2009)

Modern herbal medicine involves utilizing traditional knowledge and combining this with a modern scientific approach to provide an integrated treatment plan. Herbs, used appropriately and under professional supervision, can be very successful in helping to manage the symptoms of disease. Herbal medicine may be prescribed alone, or in conjunction with other medication from your GP or health specialist to help attain optimum health.

Reference: Linde, K., Berner, M., and Kriston, L., (2009) St John’s Wort for major depression, The Cochrane Library.

How can herbal medicine help me?

Herbs used appropriately and under the guidance of a trained Medical Herbalist can be used to address a wide variety of medical complaints, such as:

Women’s problems including PMS, painful and heavy periods.
Menopausal support.
Endocrine and metabolic disorders.
Pre conception optimization- male and female.
Skin Conditions.
Sleep disturbances.
Asthma, allergies and hay fever.
Digestive and bowel problems.
Muscular aches and pains.
Recurring urinary problems.
Recurrent respiratory problems.
Anxiety, stress and low mood.
Fatigue and low energy.


The initial consultation will last approximately 90 Minutes.  A thorough medical and social history will be taken and, if appropriate, physical examinations will be performed. A treatment plan will then be offered and, if indicated, a combination of herbs will be prescribed with targeted nutritional and lifestyle advice. You may also be referred for further additional medical investigation before herbal treatment commences.

A follow up consultation will take place two/three weeks after the initial consultation by telephone, Skype or if possible face to face (depending on your location) and the patient’s progress will be monitored; changes may be made to the prescription and treatment plan dependent on the patient’s progress.

Herbal Medicine Prescription

Your herbal prescription may come in the following forms;

Tinctures and fluid extracts (herbal constituents extracted by alcohol).
Herbal Teas.
Creams, salves and lotions.
Herbal capsules.

The herbal prescription will be a combination of different plant medicines, unique to the patient’s presentation and will be prescribed at the end of your retreat to commence when you have finished your detox.

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