Lincolnshire Dates

Lincolnshire Dates

Lincolnshire Dates

Platinum Healing retreat programs run simultaneously together on the same dates.  Below are the Lincolnshire dates.

**We do not run any retreats at weekends – they are all mid-week Monday to Friday**

Many guests come for a Platinum Retreat for  Self Healing of health concerns such as fibromyalgia, ME, hormone and menopause symptoms, IBS, fertility, weight management, emotional, psychological and physical healing, to stop smoking as well as to just simply relax and cleanse.

All Platinum UK Retreats incorporate 2-3 daily Yoga classes to choose from, daily Meditation, daily Pranayama, Country Walks, the Platinum Healing Juice Detox Retreat Program plus many special offers including workshops and free holistic treatments to enhance your detox and retreat experience.

Lincolnshire –  East Midlands

5* Boutique Eco Retreat

Future dates for Lincolnshire coming soon – Please contact us to go on the waiting list

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