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Thank you so much! I am very happy to give feedback and to write a testimonial as I have certainly benefited from the retreat and it has reignited my interests for super food (which I haven’t had since I was a teenager) and for looking after myself, it has taught me that everything is possible (me, without solid food for more than 6 hours? impossible!) and it gave me a much deserved break to recoup, reflect for my future direction and meet a great team of professional and likeminded people to help with the journey. Well done to you all- please pass my thanks to the wonderful team!
By for now and speak soon

AnnelisePesa – Juice Detox Retreat


You beat me to it, I was going to send a thank you email! I am doing very well. I lost an amazing 7lbs during the retreat and added to the 3lbs lost in the previous week on the preparation diet, makes a fantastic total of 10lbs!
So I feel slimmer and more energetic and lots of friends/neighbours have noticed. I decided to eat very lightly for this week as well as Platinum Healing suggested that was a good idea. I managed to cook a full Sunday roast last weekend and only ate the veg and a few new potatoes! Anne-Marie cannot believe my will-power and neither can I! Maybe the hypnotherapy is having an effect-I no longer seem to ‘panic’ about feeling hungry or when I am next going to eat. I am happy to follow my appetite which seems to have shrunk.
I feel so clear-headed in the morning. My husband is so impressed and I would like him to maybe come on a Platinum Healing retreat – I know you would look after him. Also I just do not want to eat sugary food and don’t crave it even if I am tired. So quite a few changes have occurred.
Please pass on my sincere thanks to the team and I feel it was a very positive week.

Sarah Sulik – Juice Detox Retreat