A.Vogel (BioForce) BioSnacky Organic Seeds Salad Pack 4 packet

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BioSnacky seeds can be grown in your kitchen, providing delicious and nutritious organic sprouts in a matter of days



A.Vogel BioSnacky


Just what you need to give a delectable tang to your salads, as well as providing you with vitamins and minerals in a natural raw food state. The White Radish in Gourmet and Mild Aromatic mixes provides a healthy kick to the taste buds, whilst the gently nutty flavour of Mung bean sprouts and Alfalfa sprouts gives epicurean interest alongside the nutrients they provide.

The BioSnacky® Salad pack contains
1 pack of Alfalfa
1 pack of Gourmet Mix
1 pack of Mild Aromatic Mix
1 pack of Mung bean

Why grow BioSnacky®?
Because it is fun and easy to do! With a 3 tier sprouter or germinator jar, BioSnacky can be grown in your kitchen, providing delicious and nutritious organic sprouts in a matter of days.

Sprouting your own BioSnacky® seeds will provide you with a constant supply of fresh organic living sprouts for use every day and all year round. Sprouts will be harvested fresh from the germinator and before they lose any of their nutritional benefits.

Why eat BioSnacky®?
When seeds start to sprout, all the stored energy and nutrients become available and easy for us to absorb. This means that we get the best out of the seeds when they sprout.

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