Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping

Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping – Your Blueprint for Success!

Creating your very own blueprint for success is possible when you embark on the journey one goal at a time.  But there is an art to successful goal setting and some never fully master it.  Don’t let that be you!

Instead, get creative…with your thoughts!  Over 3 sessions, your coach will help you discover the fascinating science and philosophy behind the uniquely creative approach known as Goal Mapping. You will soon realise how fun and inspiring it can be to visualise your goals and literally map them out on paper.  Having a talent for drawing is not a pre-requisite; having a desire to achieve success is.

A blend of ancient wisdom, fused with scientific understanding, to create real power.

Goal Mapping is a tried, tested, proven and popular method for setting and achieving goals in any area of life, and in any endeavour, either individually or collectively. Originally developed by Brian Mayne in 1995, Goal Mapping has become astoundingly successful in corporate businesses, for student education and for members of the general public. With literally tens of thousands of people having attended Goal Mapping presentations, or completed the Goal Mapping system via books and audio-programmes, the system is fast becoming the number one choice for all forms of conscious achievement.

The Master Skill for Life

Learning how to set and achieve goals is the master skill for life because it is the skill that allows you to gain all other skills and abilities. Setting goals or conscious intentions is the natural way our brain works and, throughout recorded history, the most successful men and women have been those that have learned to develop the natural mental ability of goal setting into a powerful skill for achievement.

The measure of effectiveness in any goal setting technique lies in its ability to connect your consciously chosen objectives to your subconscious mind, so that your subconscious begins to pursue your goal automatically. Traditionally the typical method of ‘drumming in’ this subconscious acceptance of goals has been through repetition, usually involving the process of writing and re-writing the goal again and again, line after line, hundreds of times each day. This method does work for some people, but most find it boring, time consuming and largely ineffective, with the great majority giving up long before their subconscious has received the goal. One of the great challenges of this approach is that it caters predominantly for the left-brain, which has a limited path to the subconscious mind.

Words and Pictures

However, in recent years tremendous breakthroughs in understanding how we learn have shown clearly what ancient teachings always knew: that the major pathway to the subconscious lies not through the left side of the brain, which thinks in words, but through the right side of the brain, which thinks in pictures.

It was out of these insights that the technique of Goal Mapping was born. Utilising a powerful and unique combination of words and pictures to activate both the left and right brain, Goal Mapping stimulates whole-brain activity, communicates clearly to the subconscious, and harnesses the intrinsic aspects necessary for any kind of conscious, intended success.

The seven steps of Goal Mapping guide the user to success through consideration of what, why, when, how, and who will move you forwards.

Goal Mapping takes each person through the process of identifying their goals, defining their motives and committing to taking action, with the completed Goal Map becoming the blueprint for future success. Whether in business, education, or individual members of the general public, Goal Mapping has proven itself to be at the leading edge of personal empowerment and conscious achievement.

About Nadine our Goal Mapping Coach 

Goal Mapping

Nadine is a Licenced Practitioner of Brian Mayne’s unique, creative Goal Mapping approach.  Her work as a professional teacher, youth coach and pastoral leader spans more than two decades.  Supporting children’s personal and social development in schools and working with parents and whole families to foster positive change is what Nadine does best. She loves using Goal Mapping as a tool to facilitate individual growth and learning because it is easy to understand and fun to do whatever your age.

Unlike traditional goal setting techniques, Goal Mapping is a whole-brain system that uses the language of the subconscious, that is, words and imagery.  Goal Mapping is the master skill for achievement in all areas of life and, by impacting both the left-brain and right-brain functioning throughout the process, sustained endeavour and lasting change is made possible.

Discover the principles of success and the seven steps of Goal Mapping to secure your own blueprint for a wholly successful life.

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