Thai Hot Compress

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage portrait of young beautiful woman in spa environment

This treatment has been performed for hundreds of years, to tackle stress, reduce aches and pains and improve general health and wellbeing.

The Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage uses a range of herbs, which are wrapped in muslin and tied tightly to make a compress. These compresses are soaked in water, heated in a steamer then dipped in oil and used to massage using patting, pounding and kneading actions.

The effect of this massage produces a deeply relaxing state both mentally and physically as the heat has a deeply relaxing effect on the muscles and nerve fibers, hence it is great for people suffering with sore muscles or fibromyalgia.
It also improves circulation of blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs and assists alignment and postural integrity of the body.

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage can help treat many conditions, below are just some of these:

• Chronic back aches
• Arthritis
• Skin conditions
• Headaches/Migraines
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Bronchitis
• Asthma
• Common cold
• Menopause
• Depression
• Rheumatism
• Poor circulation

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