Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine involves using plant based medicines to address illnesses and help restore health. It has been used successfully for centuries and this knowledge has been refined through generations. Herbal medicine is increasingly becoming validated by pharmacological and biochemical scientific research. Now many are looking at ways in which plants can offer a naturally healthy life.

Medical herbalists are trained to look beyond and beneath the obvious, helping the body to correct imbalances and heal itself. Herbal medicine seems to be especially effective after the Platinum Healing Juice Fast program, as the body is more sensitive to the effects of herbs and patients feel ready to make important nutritional and lifestyle changes.

How can herbal medicine help me?

Herbs used appropriately and under the guidance of a trained Medical Herbalist can be used to address a wide variety of complaints, such as:

• Skin Conditions.
• Sleep disturbances.
• Asthma, allergies and hay fever.
• Digestive and bowel problems including IBS.
• Anxiety, stress and low mood.
• Women’s problems including PMS, painful and heavy periods.
• Menopausal support.
• Endocrine and metabolic disorders.
• Pre conception optimization- male and female.
• Muscular aches and pains.
• Recurring urinary problems.
• Recurrent respiratory problems.
• Headaches.
• Fatigue and low energy.
• Toxicity


The initial consultation will last approximately an hour and will take place during the retreat. A thorough medical and social history will be taken and, if appropriate, physical examinations will be performed. A treatment plan will then be tailored to the individual, and a combination of herbs will be prescribed with targeted nutritional, supplement and lifestyle advice. Your treatment plan and herbal prescription will be given to you on the last day of the retreat to start to take after you have completed the juice fast and detox.

A follow up consultation will take place two/three weeks after the initial consultation and the patient’s progress will be monitored; changes may be made to the prescription and treatment plan dependent on the patient’s progress. It will last half an hour and take place by Skype.

Please contact us for a full PDF Treatment Menu which contains all current prices, any special offers and further information.