Detox Scrubs

Platinum Detox Exfoliating Body TreatmentA woman relaxing while enjoying an exfoliating beauty treatment at a spa

Fed up of your skin feeling dull, rough, dry and uneven?

Why not treat your skin to a beautiful detox exfoliating body treatment, which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and silky and will leave you feeling pampered, refreshed and energised.

Platinum Healing’s Exfoliating Body Treatment

The detox exfoliating body treatment will remove the surface layer of skin and will unclog your pores, by using a dry skin body brushing technique an exfoliating and detoxifying body scrub. The scrub will stimulate the lymphatic system and will improve circulation, which will help fight cellulite and improve your skin tone.

The treatment also includes a cleanse, tone and exfoliation of the face followed by a shower and application of nourishing cream or oil through the use of various massage techniques. By the end of the treatment you will have healthy, silky, glowing and revitalised skin.

Why Exfoliating is important?

As we age cells start to pile up unevenly on the skin’s surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance. Exfoliation is really beneficial as it removes those layers of old skin cells, revealing new, younger skin cells.

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