Crystal Healing

There has been no historical period, nor culture that has not prized crystals for their healing properties. In this treatment your experienced therapist works with a holistic model of the human being where the physical health is seen as part of a larger picture that includes the emotions, mental state, lifestyle and aspirations of the individual.

When the body is unwell or diseased it is usually because the natural rhythm has been lost. Using crystals with their perfect atomic structure, offers patterns for the body to follow to encourage self-healing.


Crystal healing can also be used to dissolve emotional blockages, which can help with general wellbeing and help someone achieve goals or work towards their full potential. In this way, crystal healing does not simply ‘fix’ something that is out of balance, it is used to create more cohesion within the whole person to help them move forward in their life.

During a crystal healing session you will be asked to lie on a couch whilst crystals are placed on or around you. No removal of clothing is required for this treatment.

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