Acupuncture, Nutrition and Detox Specialist

Andrew. ND, Dip Acu, ITEC

Andrew is one of Platinum Healings group retreat leaders, nutritional and holistic therapists and has been training and working within the detox, health and healing field for 29 years.

Andrew offers our retreat guests a wealth of knowledge and experience in detox, as well as a considerable range of treatments.  Although he comes from an orthodox medical family, Andrew learnt from a young age that his childhood illnesses were healed, not by drugs, but by lifestyle and diet.

Andrews interest in health and how the body works grew, and led him to begin studying massage, aikido and macrobiotics. Realising that this was his passion in life, he decided to travel to learn first-hand from various masters. He spent the next few years travelling and studying in places such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China. The therapies he studied include Thai and Ayurvedic massage, Reflexology and Acupuncture, as well as gaining teaching qualifications in yoga and Thai massage. To consolidate the many disciplines, he completed a 5-year Naturopathic Diploma Course at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

As well as supporting guests through their detox, Andrew also offers the following treatments:

Double Detox Treatment

This treatment combines half an hour of ear acupuncture with a half hour, deep abdominal massage and is one of the most popular and most important therapies during the detox. There are specific points on the ear that, when stimulated, focus the bodies energy on the release of toxins whilst deep massaging of the abdomen helps to release old mucoid plaque, so that it can be washed away by the enemas. An extremely deep and powerful treatment that is highly recommended.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our health depends on energy (Chi) which should flow smoothly through the meridians of the body. Acupuncture consists of inserting fine sterilised disposable needles into specific points on the body to rebalance the ‘Vital Energy’. This stimulates the body’s own healing response and helps restore the body’s natural state of equilibrium. Within the sessions we can tailor your treatment to assist in your particular package, whether it be for menopause, weight management, fertility or quitting smoking.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 

Is a gentle, effective, and safe way to combat the signs of aging and erase years from your face without the risks of surgery. It builds collagen, tones muscle, improves circulation, and stimulates blood flow – but it is much more than a cosmetic procedure. Acupuncture changes the energy flow within the body – if energy is not flowing freely throughout your body then your organs, muscles and lymphatic system cannot function properly, which can contribute to puffiness, bags and premature aging.

Bespoke Detox Combo

Massage, abdominal detox massage, acupuncture and reiki 

After working on health retreats for over 10 years Andrew brings all his talents into one subtle but effective treatment. Realising the complexes of the healing journey, this treatment works on many levels whether it be physical, psychological or emotional.  A vigorous deep tissue massage of the head, neck, back and legs is carried out to relax and unwind. It is then followed with specific acupuncture points, a deep abdominal massage and Reiki healing along the chakras of the body, which will leave you with a deep feeling of inner peace.

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