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My Hypnotherapy session was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me! Laurie Hadleigh  Beauty Editor NOW! Magazine

How to Book a Retreat

The procedure for booking a retreat with us:

1. Check our Retreat Diary for available retreat dates.

PLEASE NOTE: Our retreats start and finish on set dates and usually book up 1-2 months in advance. Early booking is advised as spaces are limited on each retreat.

2. Decide which retreat you would like to join us for as there are a number of options.

PLEASE NOTE: All our retreats incorporate either the Juice Detox and Yoga program or a healthy meal option. The only difference in the other retreat packages is what tailored treatments are included, ie: Hypnotherapy, Fitness Training etc.

3. Check which occupancy basis you would prefer as there are a number of options listed on our Price List.

4. Complete a contact form on the contact us page of the website.

The next steps...

We will call or email you to confirm availability and also send you further information along with a booking form and treatment menu.

You will be required to inform us of your height and weight, whether you are currently taking medication, any blood pressure issues and any other information that you feel we should know prior to booking a retreat with us.

If you have insulin-dependent diabetes (Type I or Type II) we suggest that you do not undertake a detox program. Please speak to your GP if you are in any doubt.

You should consult with your GP before attending and in certain cases we may request a letter from your Doctor stating that you are well enough to attend a retreat.

By contacting us you acknowledge that you are fully responsible for your own health throughout any treatment and/or stay with us and therefore it is 100% your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit to undergo any treatment.

Our retreats are NOT suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women. However, if you would like to improve your fertility our retreats are ideal for this. Kate Tyler – The Founder of Platinum Healing is also a Fertile Body Method Practitioner and her team also have extensive experience in the field of fertility.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your place.

Once your booking form and deposit payment have been received, we will confirm your booking and send you pre-detox guidelines, information on pH balancing (acid/alkaline) and other important information about your retreat.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon.

The Platinum Team


I am very grateful for the experience, and must say, I learned a lot more about myself than expected. I certainly appreciate food much more, especially organic/whole food, and am very conscious of what toxins I'm possibly consuming. I also have a newly gained appreciation of "hunger" and I seem able to sustain myself between meals for much longer, and with sustained energy. Prior to the retreat, I was very conscious of my short attention span and short fuse when I felt hungry!!...... So a big thank you for helping me learn so much about myself!!!

Dr John-Paul Darby - MBBS, FRACGP, Australian Holistic GP 

The Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions were the highlight of the week. I feel as if a huge burden has lifted from my shoulders - a burden I didn't even know I had. As well as feeling healthier, younger and more energised, I have lost the negative beliefs that were holding me back.

Dr Sarah Brewer
Licensed Doctor/GP | Registered Nutritional Therapist | Media Medic | Award-Winning Writer

My health was at an all-time low. I was lacking in energy, had lots of digestive problems and my skin was in a terrible state. I was stressed out, run down and pretty miserable. The results after the treatments were nothing short of transformative. I lost 9lbs in weight, my problem skin cleared up and I felt full of energy and positivity. Friends and colleagues were full of compliments about how healthy I looked.

Liz Alvis – Deputy Editor – Natural Health Magazine – Retreat Kate Tyler Managed in Goa

I wasn’t happy with a lot of areas in my life. My diet and eating habits were appalling, I’d just come out of a ten-year relationship and I felt constantly frustrated. I cannot tell you how much this journey changed my life. It’s actually hard to put in words but here goes. I lost 8lbs in five days (which I’ve kept off) but that to me wasn’t the most important part. I felt I detoxed my brain as well as my body. My whole well being has stepped up 100% - spiritually, physically and mentally. I’ve learned not to stress as much and to take care of myself and I feel like a huge burden has been lifted. I eat differently, I live differently and I cannot thank you enough for your part in my journey.

Laurie Hadleigh - Beauty Editor – NOW! Magazine - Retreat Kate Tyler Managed in Goa

Words cannot express how much last week meant to me. I knew it was going to be good but I wasn't quite prepared for how spiritually uplifting it turned out to be. I truly feel like I've got my life back.  My husband is so happy that I'm happy and feeling positive about the future and he was very complimentary about how well I look (and feel!) Thanks a million! x

Sandrae Lawrence – Journalist - Concierge / Spa Secrets / Prima Magazine - Retreat Kate Tyler Managed in Goa

I must admit I’m probably a bit of a skeptic when it comes to therapies or anything really that I can’t see or touch, but you are definitely on to something because it really works. It just felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from my shoulders (as well as shifted from my hips...)! Thank you!

Georgia Pettipher – Journalist – Express - The Daily Star - Retreat Kate Tyler Managed in Goa

Kate Tyler combines her numerous healing modalities (Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Life Coach) to deliver a powerful personalized healing program.

Kate’s power and impact comes from her soft approach, voice of the heart and gentle guidance.

She customizes the sessions on a daily basis based on what is coming up for you in the present moment.

She led me to many deep soul healings which are detailed in my blog below

I have a new way of feeling, living and being.

Kate, the world needs more of you. Thank You!

Elicia Woodford - Detox Consultant and Wellness Writer

For details of Elicia Woodfords full 7 Day Healing Program with Kate see:

Journalists can be a cynical bunch and I’m no exception and I admit I was mildly skeptical. Nonetheless the proof of the pudding was that I left feeling better than I have for years.

Hypnotherapist and NLP sessions got to the root of the attitudes I had developed towards diet and nutrition plus general lifestyle issues.

I find myself not even caring if I’m lighter or not afterwards! For me, the overriding emotion was euphoria at how energised and healthy I feel plus how I intend to take everything I have learned into the real world.

It’s a bonus that I shifted a considerable amount of weight but I feel enlightened in many ways.

I can't remember the last time I had so much energy so thank you all for being so bloody inspiring!

I have been to the gym every working day since I left and can mostly be found hanging about health shops these days. I'm entirely committed in my new approach to diet and exercise. Lots of Love and thank you!

Leigh Mytton – Metro Magazine - Retreat Kate Tyler Managed in Goa

The juice detox and yoga retreat was just what I needed.  I began my recovery from alcohol addiction 9 months ago and my addiction transferred itself to food.  Following the retreat and one session of hypnotherapy,   my "emotional eating" lifted and I was able to recognise "real" hunger.  I also felt reconnected to that universal source of healing and love.  The team are all very gifted people who make  you feel special and important.

Lin Crane - Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat 

If you are hesitating about investing your precious holiday time in a detox week – DON’T. This is the best thing you can do for yourself – not just for your body – but more importantly for your mind (and your body will follow anyway!). My week with Platinum Healing surpassed every expectation I had.  The team are knowledgeable and professional, but also really caring and they almost intuitively get what you need. They also tailored my programme to my needs – offering a perfect balance of therapies (with which I achieved some amazing results!) and the yoga in the morning was a great way to start the day. I felt like a completely different person when I left. I can’t wait to go back! Thanks for a fantastic week.

Niki - Switzerland - Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

As a seasoned juicer, I have tried many retreats, some grim and some great – I am happy to say this was great.  Set in a luxurious setting and not at all ‘rustic’ (in my experience I have found this to mean ‘run-down’ or ‘clapped-out’).  The basic principle  being to cleanse, detox and rest.... oh and starve a little too!  What I found refreshing about the team at Platinum Healing, was the spiritual and holistic approach they added to the mix.  I believe this comes purely from each person and their knowledge and sensitive natures made me feel totally cared-for and loved for the weekend.  The sessions we had were inspiring and have given me much food for thought.  I was slightly hesitant about embarking on a weekend retreat, as I wanted a longer cleanse, but the 3 days worked a mini-miracle and gave me my mojo back!  I left feeling lighter (I lost 4 pounds) and happier – I will definitely be seeing you all again! 

Tina Wilson - Executive Assistant - London

Thank you so much for a really fabulous weekend.  I have done many detox's before in further flung places but it was really nice to do something closer to home. I went on your retreat to kick start my diet, to lose some extra pounds plus I like yoga.  What I got was much more than that - I left feeling totally inspired and with a great sense of positivity.  It's one thing to lose weight on a detox, it's quite another to have a fresh mental aptitude to want to continue to stay healthy and happy in all aspects of your life.  Everyone on the weekend, staff and guests, were all really wonderful, after one evening we all seemed to be totally relaxed in each others company.  I would love to do this on a regular basis and would be happy to speak to anyone who is in two minds about doing the retreat.

Julie Mutton - Business Owner - Oxford

Your treatments and the time you spent with me, though brief, helped to set me on a positive path to health. I am convinced that I have now opened up new possibilities for me in not only facing illness but making a plan for the next chapter of life. Thank you.

Mark Ubsdell - Private Healing Retreat

I was a little apprehensive about the Yoga and Juice detox retreat, having never done anything like this before. However, on arrival I was immediately put at ease by meeting the team and my friendly fellow 'detoxers'. The accommodation is excellent and very homely, I enjoyed feeling as though you could completely relax, have your own space but also mingle and chat if you so wished. The team are an inspiration, with brilliant yoga and meditation teachers, providing helpful and individual attention to each of us. The hypnotherapy sessions  I had have been life changing. I also really enjoyed the extremely thought provoking life coaching session and have in fact followed up and used the advice more in my day to day life. I will definitely be returning. The weekend was a perfect kick start to a healthier life in both mind and body

Victoria - Hertfordshire - Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

Thank you for last weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed every single element - the food, the Company, the seamless organisation, the amazing venue, the list just goes on and on. You do an amazing job, we
sincerely hope to spend many more weekends with you.

Both Adam and I have never felt so relaxed and in control of our thoughts. The biggest benefit I have brought away is 'sleep', since the retreat, I have slept every single night - incredible. We are without a doubt considering the Spanish Retreat, I just need to make sure I can sort Child-care.

Johanne Holman
Director of Sales
London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Chillout Retreat - Feb 2012

Thanks to your amazing counselling on my Private Healing Retreat, I have confidence and belief in myself at last. I now understand so much more as to why things have happened as they have in my life and I really believe that I will be able to live my life using my own inner strength. I feel more able to make intuitive, good decisions for myself. I didn’t think I’d be able to survive for a week without constant radio, TV, phone, laptop, mobile, books, with just a pen and a journal; but survive I did.

I have now come out of my ‘dark’ place to face the world and can look forward positively to my future. It was a bit unnerving at times, but with your help I eventually relaxed, listened, wrote and let things happen.

My mind feels clearer and calmer and you have given me the ‘tools’ to be able to change my old ways of thinking – no negatives allowed, only positives and realise that what we say today forms our future tomorrow. I already know it works.

It took a huge leap of faith for me to commit to the Retreat but, oh boy, it was worth doing!

Since returning home friends have said ‘it’s so good to see you smiling again’ ‘you look really well’ ‘don’t be a stranger like you’ve been the past year’ all sorts of lovely comments which have made me feel good.

Thank you for your generous honesty and your wise counselling. I will never forget this life-changing experience.

I’ve learnt more in my week with you than I could have with any amount of conventional counselling for an hour a week – it could have gone on, unsuccessfully for years.

The retreat really was the perfect place for me and couldn’t have been better. It is such a wonderful idea to have a safe, self-contained haven where the mind and body can begin to heal.

Everything felt really bright and clear when I left. I felt really empowered having managed a week without anybody else to lean on or any outside influences, just total peace to think and write.

My mind was SO much clearer and I just couldn’t stop smiling inside and out. I have to say that everybody else seemed so miserable!  

The actions I’ve taken so far are - I’ve signed on for the Hatha Yoga class (starts tomorrow), I’ve been practicing my yoga nasal breathing regularly and getting better at it, and am setting aside a time for yoga and meditation daily which seems to be improving already

I have discovered how easy it is just to be natural and honest about what I feel, leading by example as you said, which in turn means family and friends are honest back. So simple really. 

You all have a special gift of being able to know exactly what is needed and are able to communicate that so clearly - I will be eternally grateful to you.

Jan Mills - Artist - Healing Retreat 

Having never done anything like this before, and being pretty cynical about the benefits of a non-chocolate and coke diet, I arrived at the retreat feeling all out of sorts, and chugging peanut m&ms like they were my last meal. I was instantly put at ease by the teams lovely welcome, and the general sense of calm and quiet which surrounds the gorgeous barns where we'd be staying. Truth be told, I was a bit scared of the idea of a detox - but with tasty fresh juices and broth prepared throughout the day, I never once felt hungry or like I was missing out. I followed their instructions to drink plenty of water, and suffered no major side effects of the detox - which meant I could enjoy the local surroundings, and particularly the private pool!

I quickly lost that awful bloated feeling, and had a clearer head than I can ever remember. My skin pepped up, and though weight loss wasn't my motivation for the retreat, I was interested to see that I lost 8lbs over the week, and have kept most of it off to date. Alongside the detox, I opted for several treatments - including a 'mind' session, which turned out to be a huge turning point for me, as it helped me to realise where my life had stumbled a little, and how to gently set it back on track without resorting to my usual crutches. Daily yoga and meditation, a nutrition session, and some relaxing 'body' sessions rounded off my retreat wonderfully. And my word, what a difference!

Chocolate and coke have been swapped to treats rather than mainstays, I've discovered a genuine love of water instead of coke or tea, and food has become so much more interesting and fun.

I am still feeling wonderful! So many comments from people about how much happier and healthier I look in myself - and I feel it too. Still grinning inanely throughout the day, and have a much better grip on what happens next. And it's a measure of how effective the retreat was, that I came home to some challenges and sailed through them with a smile on my face and a calm 'this too shall pass' attitude. Have continued taking time to myself just to sit and be 'centred' - no book, no knitting, just me and the world...wonderful.

Moreover, I'm so much lighter in myself these days - and am smiling almost all the time for no other reason than I can. Though I still have lots to sort in my life, I rather suspect that the way I'm feeling these days is darn close to contentment.

I appreciate that I may be doing most of the work these days, but it has to be said that you and your team are the most amazing foundation builders!

I can't thank the team enough for the crucial part they played it getting me here. I'm already planning a return!

Fiona Pembroke - Business Owner - Essex 

"Nora's Thoughts simply wouldn't be the happy and snugly business you see before you, if it hadn't been for the lovely team at Platinum Healing (and their ability to help you stop and smell the fresh pineapple!)."

If you’re trying to decide whether this is for you, stop thinking about it and just do it. This will be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done for yourself. That’s how it was for me. 

I needed some downtime from extended travel, particularly after six months of overdoing it on fast-food in the US. And as an overweight smoker who got a rash at the first sign of exercise, I just didn’t get yoga at all. I thought it was for fit, skinny people.

For five days I immersed myself in the amazing range of complimentary treatments Platinum  Healing offers, the freshest juices and supplements, and an extremely a positive and calming environment and  actually treated my body, mind and soul with some respect for a change.

I lost weight, stopped smoking and my skin glowed. I felt the best I have in six months. I was able to get clarity about my priorities and directions in life, and I finally ‘get’ yoga.

The accommodation was comfortable, and the location was peaceful and relaxing, with plenty of opportunity to walk and get some wonderful fresh air.

The team are professional with a gentle and calm approach. Her amazing repertoire of complimentary therapies just works so well.

I’d recommend this retreat to anyone needing some clarity and direction in their life, some downtime from a hectic schedule or busy family, or an opportunity to get your body clean and centered.

Kelli – Australia – Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

Just a wee note to thank you for facilitating my healing retreat last month.  I really feel the benefits of the break.  We certainly peeled away a few layers of issues that I was not aware of.  I have found a new sense of motivation in my Yoga practice and personal development.  The barriers that were blocking me have been released and I am really ready to change for the better. Brooklands was the perfect setting for the retreat and all of the treatments were truly amazing! Keep up the good work, you are all brilliant at what you do! 

Una Cassidy – Ireland – Healing Retreat

I can't express how much your detox retreat changed my ways.  In hindsight I look back and realise I lacked in any sort of sound education on nutrition and healthy dieting though out my entire upbringing. Or maybe the information was there but I was never shown the way, just merely told how it's done, which isn't as effective.

Not only have I benefited but my boyfriend has too - who is already quite health conscious in the sense he regularly exercises and physically cares for his body. For him, learning more about a good diet in addition to exercise and the fact that it really matters what you eat, has been a real eye opener for him and we both now approach our diet entirely differently to before. Lots of vegetables, fruit, fruit & veggie juices and more healthy snacking has become more important in our diet, and our appetite for fried fatty foods, processed & fast foods has miraculously diminished!

My yoga has also been taken to another level.  I love it and I feel so good when I practice it regularly. I have improved so much in as little as a couple of months and feel the benefits almost immediately, both physically and mentally.

My successful colonic detox may have been the major contributor to what REALLY persuaded me to change my ways. To actually physically see what was coming out of my body as a potential result of unhealthy dieting and malnourishment was amazing. I have not been able to stop raving about it to friends. I feel so lucky that I was able to experience this.

My whole outlook on life has also changed. I think the timing of the detox was perfect, where I was at a stage of my life where I had a lot of time to ponder on life and what really makes me happy. 
All these recent changes though small but consequently life changing, I think have revolved around and resulted from attending your detox program and I am very thankful for it!

Thanks for following up on my progress. It's been great to allow me to stop and reflect a little on the last few months of life and its experiences!

Sarah Gonzales – Juice Detox and Yoga Retreat

Before my hypnotherapy session I could not imagine eating any type of vegetable.  Since my session I am now happy to try any type of vegetable and many other foods that before I would not have attempted in the past 30 years.  My session left me feeling the most confident I have ever been and my habits have changed so much for the better.  Making my appointment was the best decision I have made in a very long time. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate, especially if someone has the exact same problem that I did.

Leigh - Hypnotherapy - Worthing